The Sum Festival incorporates Fangoria, Sidecars, Miss Caffeina and Elephants - The Province

The Sum Festival incorporates Fangoria, Sidecars, Miss Caffeina and Elephants - The Province

Fangoria, Sidecars, Miss Caffeina and Elefantes are the four national artists who complete the bulk of the poster of the second edition of the Gran Canaria Sum Festival, which takes place on Saturday September 28 in the parking area of ​​Infecar, in the capital of Gran Canaria. The organization of the festival presented last night in Infecar these four new additions, in addition to those announced weeks ago, in the case of Niños Mutantes, Carlos Sadness and Second.

"The countdown begins", exclaimed last night Juan Fran Senabre, director of Gran Canaria Sum Festival in the presentation of the new additions in a poster almost complete. "Surprises remain, some important", as Senabre hinted, and which will be announced next week in Madrid, on the occasion of the presentation of the second Sum Festival at the International Fair of tourism (Fitur).

In addition, if last year a Canarian band, Conducta Cero, was included in a poster that included Izal, Rozalén, Elefantes -which repeats for the second year in a row-, Sidonie, Funambulista, Nancys Rubias and Carminha News, this year there will also be a fee insular. Without going into detail, the organization took it for granted that a band contest would be called in the near future, whose prize would be to participate in the festival.

The organization also wanted to thank "the institutional support and presence in this festival," in reference to the attendance at this meeting by Antonio Morales, president of the Cabildo; and the councilman of Tourism, Pedro Quevedo. Both Morales and Quevedo celebrated the cultural offer of the city and congratulated themselves on the role played by the Gran Canaria Sum Festival, not only as a musical showcase for the island spectator, but as a tourist attraction, as it was noted in its first edition on last year.

Last night there was word and music live in Infecar, with the presence of some of the invited artists in 2019, Sean Frutos and Jorge Guirao, voice and guitar, respectively, of the Murcia band Second; and Alberto Jiménez and Álvaro Navarro, also voice and guitar of the Madrid band Miss Caffeina, who performed three acoustic songs - Look at the people, single Rings and roots, from the recent eighth album of Second, with the first two; Exquisite corner, Second oldest theme, and We came, of Miss Caffeina, with the musicians of the two groups that moved yesterday to the capital of Gran Canaria to wrap up the presentation.

"It seems like a dream, a year ago we had the first edition, and we were not as hot as we are now, and we did not imagine the repercussion and strength that the Sum Festival has taken on in just one edition."

Those were the words with which Juan Fran Senabre began to assess the impact of this project that is on its way to its second year. In the opinion of the director of the Gran Canaria Sum Festival, "we are convinced that it will be an annual and mandatory date from the second edition, which coincides with the farewell of the summer in the Peninsula and the start of the season here". With the confidence that "this will grow year after year", it is expected to fill the precinct in Infecar both with local public and from other islands and the Peninsula.

Proof of the exterior projection of the Gran Canaria Sum Festival, according to the data provided yesterday by the organization, is that last year about 2,600 spectators arrived from different parts of the Peninsula with a package that included flights, accommodation, transportation and tickets. "For this year and without having the complete poster sold 1,500 tickets, 80 percent of the Peninsula," revealed Senabre, who took advantage of the launch offer at the price of 25 euros, which expired on Thursday. From today, the price is 30 euros, and the entrasa are available at El Corte Inglés, Ticketmaster, Tomaticket and, among other online sales platforms.

As for the development of the festival, it is planned to open doors at 5:00 pm on Saturday, September 28, beginning at 6:00 pm with two stages and "the most representative groups of the national panorama". Although the Infecar parquin can accommodate more than 10,000 spectators, for reasons of public comfort, and to satisfy other catering and rest services, a maximum capacity of 8,500 has been set.

The format of a single day with the alternation of artists between the two scenarios is maintained. The organization does not rule out that Sum Festival is celebrated in two days in a weekend, although this model will have to wait.

In 2019 they repeat artists as is notorious with Elephants, the Barcelona formation that Shuarma leads, and which was last year. "They are classic and very big, and Shuarma is like the godfather of this festival," director Juan Fran Senabre said last night.

For his part, Sean Frutos, singer of Second, who will perform for the first time on the island, congratulated the "brave" that make possible Sum Festival, and that he said "looks like a festival that would come as public." Alberto Jiménez, of Miss Caffeina, who knows the scenarios of the Islands, pointed out that festivals of this type "are very good for us because it is very difficult for logistics to come to the Islands for the groups of our scene".


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