Sat. Oct 19th, 2019

The Sudanese military junta reveals that it has aborted an attempted coup d'état

The military junta that holds power in Sudan revealed today that it has aborted a coup attempt by a group of officers and non-commissioned officers who tried to make it difficult to reach an agreement for the distribution of power between the generals and the civil opposition.

The chairman of the Security and Defense Committee of the junta, Yamal Omar Ibrahim, said in a message issued by Sudanese state television that "security forces have discovered and aborted an attempted coup by officers and non-commissioned officers of the Armed Forces and security apparatuses ".

He also detailed that twelve officers were detained, of which seven in service and five retired, and four non-commissioned officers in the reserve, and their accomplices are being sought, including the leader of the attempt.

The detainees began to be interrogated, added Omar Ibrahim, who assured that all will be submitted to a "fair trial".

According to the president of the Committee, his objective was to "hinder the agreement between the Military Council and the Forces of Freedom and Change," the main opposition alliance that has agreed with the generals on the distribution of power in the transitional phase.

That agreement "is imminent and will lead to a political transition that responds to the aspirations of the Sudanese people," said the uniformed.

The military junta and the main opposition alliance reached an agreement last Friday for the formation of the so-called Sovereign Council, which will preside over the country in the transitory stage, which will last three years and three months.

According to the pact, that Council will be composed of five civilians, five soldiers and a civil figure of consensus, and will be chaired by the military in the first 21 months and the remaining 18 civilians will be in charge of the supreme governing body.

However, some differences between the political forces have delayed the ratification of the pact, whose signature has been postponed several times throughout this week.

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