The subsidiary of the UD crashes with the Biel Ribas wall – La Provincia

The subsidiary of the UD crashes with the Biel Ribas wall - La Provincia

The demon is called Biel Ribas. An octopus to stage a manifest injustice. CF Fuenlabrada's goal, with four cinematographic interventions, froze the reaction of the subsidiary of the YOU, that ended up succumbing (0-1) in the Annex of Seven Palms in the dispute of the eighth day of Group I. It is the first defeat of the candle girl in its strength in this course – the last one went back to November 2017-.

Mikel Iribas (9 ') ahead of the Madrilenians in a header that slipped through the squad of Josep's goal. The ball made a diabolic parabola that surprised the yellow giant, in a first phase with a marked peninsular accent. The start was depressing.

With Álex Suárez on the right side – before the dismissal due to a Federative sanction by Fortes – Juan Manuel Rodríguez woke up in the 26th minute in a wild contest. They submitted the blue set, with an omnipresent Kirian in the core, ordering and sending, and Edu Espiau and Rober as executors.

But there was no way to see goal. Everything went wrong, and ended in frustration. In the first moments of the battle, Camacho had to retire and receive medical assistance for a cut on his face. The 'Fuenla' was master and lord of the battered green. Until Álex Suárez missed the first golden opportunity, with a shot from the small area.

Then came the shots of Josemi and Kirian. It was tried in the same way from the front, with a free hit, but Ribas had his tomorrow. Recital of paradones.

Changes and misfortune

Juan Manuel Rodríguez was launched for the match and gave entry to Yeremi Valerón, Fabio and Carlos González in the final stretch. Juanma, a Gran Canaria back and former UD, was a treasure for the Fuenlabrada. He aborted all the danger, but the genius was Randy. Muscle and power at the service of the Madrid block, which began to lose time.

Yeremi Valerón, of lack, enjoyed the nth opportunity but the ball was grazing the stick. After a phase of tension, Las Palmas Atlético flirted with the victory before the physical collapse of the visitor. Only one ride by Javi Gómez disturbed Josep. The siege continued: Josemi, Kirian, Rober … The painting of 'Mere' escaped madly. He finished with five defenses and built-ins in his area.

The subsidiary deserved a superior booty. Even the victory in his best game of the season. But he lacked the precision of other games in which he imposed his law with a slight sneeze -collects agonizing victories in this beginning-. The flower of Juan Manuel was evaporated and the veteran and rigor of the third place in the 2017-18 season – eliminated in the playoff by Villarreal B – was imposed.

In the yellow midfield, Fabio, Josemi and Kirian finished. And on the offensive front: Rober, Espiau and Carlos González. Die standing. Excessive turnovers in the creation area took their toll on an excessively nervous local team. Álex Suárez, reconverted to lateral, left the soul and ended up accusing the experiment.

Randy, the helmsman of the Fuenla, beat at ease and governed the pulse at will. Compete this subsidiary and continues in the quiet area. Yesterday, he deserved a loose win but was punished by fate. The same that has given success on the horn in this course. The art is Kirian, a luxury asset that asks for passage. As well as the serenity of Álex Suárez. Varapalo in the Annex, but lacked temper in the bombing before Ribas.


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