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The students of the CEIP Fernando Guanarteme enjoy the latest edition of 'Las Aventuras de Arminda' - La Provincia

The students of the CEIP Fernando Guanarteme enjoy the latest edition of 'Las Aventuras de Arminda' - La Provincia

The students of CEIP Fernando Guanarteme They were the first to enjoy, with detail and with luxury guides, the latest edition of The Adventures of Arminda, in a unique presentation held at the Museum and Archaeological Park Painted Cave.

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Arminda and the corsair's attack, third title of the collection, had its particular setting with the authors of the volume, the writer Alexis Ravelo and the illustrator Alex Falcón, together with Javier Gutierrez, representative of the printing company Gráfica Irudi. The act in this museum center is included in the program April-Book, which is organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Cabildo of Gran Canaria throughout the month of April.

Ravelo, Falcón and Gutierrez explained in a didactic way the whole process of elaboration of this new title of Arminda: from the idea from which the story arises to its realization, edition and printing, to end with an animated game tracks to find a treasure: the same book. This group of CEIP Fernando Guanarteme He has worked, from the childhood stage, with the first two stories of the collection, through a project of the educational center.

Alexis Ravelo It was he who devised this new adventure around a new character, the evil Ojonegro, which represents a time in which the incursions of navigators, in this case, the corsairs, were common on the coasts of the Canary Islands, to carry out all kinds of looting and, also, the capture of human beings. This fact motivates that in this fictional story, Castilians and natives ally to expel these evildoers.

Cueva Pintada was, in this way, the scene of an animated activity, enjoyed intensely by a large group of small privateers (the students of the CEIP), whose objective has been to encourage reading as a vehicle to know the history of the Island The children of the aforementioned Galden educational center had the opportunity to learn about this editorial project and what is the process that has allowed for this illustrated album: the choice of the line of work and of those who write and illustrate the stories, the format , the script, the historical advice, the dialogue between images and texts € This activity was completed with a game of search for the one that was the town where the protagonist of the collection lived and lived.

Arminda and the corsair's attack is the third title of the collection, which the books complete Arajelbén How Arminda and Fernandillo met, written by Dolores Campos-Herrero and illustrated by Agustín Casassa (and converted into Till Another Day, after the translation into English of Isabel Pascua Febles) and The treasure of the Mocán (by Pedro Flores del Rosario).

In Arminda and the corsair's attack the writer Alexis Ravelo combines his talent with another Gran Canaria artist, the illustrator Alex Falcón. An author with a truly own label, who started as a graphic designer in the press and finished profiling his abilities in the advertising and photography environment.

Arminda, protagonist in April

In the Archaeological Museum and Cave Archaeological Park, Arminda will remain the protagonist. Your book translated into English Arajelbén (Till Another Day) It is also the epigraph of an activity aimed at primary school students, to spread the old town of Cueva Pintada, through a dynamic tour with readings of the story Arajelbén, which tells the meeting and friendship that arose between the Canarian girl Arminda and Fernandillo, the Castilian child.

This educational initiative will be developed throughout the month of April, has a bilingual character (in Spanish and English, and is free and from Tuesday to Friday (at a time agreed with the museum).

The museum contemplates the celebration of the visit-workshop Painted Cave in Family for Saturday, April 27 (from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.), addressed to families (previous registration, Monday to Friday, in the museum or in the number 298 895 489). The work Arminda and the corsair will involve families in a new adventure and in the pre-Hispanic universe.

In addition, throughout April the last adventure of Arminda will be the central motive of the dynamic visits proposed by the museum, for groups, equally free and from Tuesday to Friday (at a time arranged with the museum).

In addition, this illustrated album can be purchased at the El Rincon de Arminda Museum and Archaeological Park store and at the Library of the Cabildo. The price will be the same as previous copies, of 12 euros. The publication will also be a key element in the dynamic visits within the educational programs and will be made available as a teaching resource, through the loan, to educational centers that request it for use in the classroom.

An exemplary collection

In the collection The adventures of Arminda reality and fiction intertwine. Thus, the characters of Fernandillo, Hitaya and Alonso de Sotomayor emerged from the imagination of the writer Dolores Campos, author of the first story: Arajelbén (until another day!). How Arminda and Fernandillo met. In this new adventure, Alexis Ravelo gives life to Joao Figueira Guimaraes, Ojonegro, a fearsome corsair.

The protagonist, the sympathetic Arminda, historical character and daughter of the penultimate guanarteme or king of Agáldar, establishes friendship with Fernandillo, the Castilian child, and shows how friendship arises between its protagonists, who belong to different cultures and how those ties can overcome any border. This first story was also translated into English by Isabel Pascua Febles.

The friendship of Arminda and Fernandillo is consolidated in the second adventure The treasure of the Mocán written by Pedro Flores, where the importance of respecting our natural heritage is highlighted. The illustrator of these first two stories is Agustín Casassa.


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