April 15, 2021

The students applaud the release of the regulation that regulates the permanence – The Province

The students applaud the release of the regulation that regulates the permanence - The Province

The plenary session of the Social Council of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria approved on October 30 a specific modification of the Rules of Progress and Permanence that favors those students who, having exceeded 80% of the total credits of their career, have or had to leave the studies for not meeting the minimum of subjects that must be approved annually. A measure that has been applauded by the Student Council (Cest) of the ULPGC because it is "an important step" in order to unblock this regulation, and advance the changes that have been demanding for a few years.

"The step that the Social Council it seems good to us, it is moving forward. We have been demanding changes in the Rules of Progress and Permanence for a long time and we are very grateful for all the support, especially with the Vice President for Students who has been at the bottom of the canyon for this to be achieved, but we must continue to advance and improve more ", Indian Alejandro Florido, president of the Cest.

Florido recalled that the main priority for students with regard to the modification of these standards, is that it does not run the call if the student does not show up for the exam. "We understand that now the next step should be to modify the subject of the examination calls, and that claim will be present in the Social Council through our representative in said body, Ada Santana. We hope that the rectoral team will continue to support us in this, because our main goal right now is that the calls do not run if you do not show up for the exam, "reiterated the representative of the students of the University of Las Palmas.

Alejandro Florido clarified that the measure approved this week by the Social Council, affects a small group of students, who with 80% of approved credits, were at risk of being expelled from the University for not passing the minimum number of subjects required to the year. "They are few but it is a reality that has been there all this time, and it is very positive that the risk of expulsion is reduced."

However, he reiterated that in the area of ​​the Rules of Progress and permanence there is much to be done. "There are some things that can be improved, not only within the rules themselves but in many other areas, but the part that most affects the students is that if you do not show up for the exam the call runs and you have to re-enroll , paying a higher rate, and there are many students who can not afford that extra expense.At this moment the only way that does not run call to the student who takes the exam and suspends, is that less than 30% of those presented have passed "he clarified.

The student of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, pointed out that since the Council presiding since last June, they have made comparisons with the Progress and Permanence Standards of other Universities and considers that those of the ULPGC are more restrictive regarding the exam sessions. "The most recent study we have done is with the University of La Laguna, which started with some rules, if not the same, very similar to ours, but they have been adapting little by little to the reality of their students ".

With respect to other Spanish universities, they also observe quite a lot of differences regarding the regulation of Progress and Permanence. "The truth is that there are many where if the student does not show up for the exam, there is no call, and there are others where they give you the option that used to be called backpacking, which is basically that if you fail a subject, you can not enroll a year following it, unless it's basic branch. "


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