Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

The Student Council describes the protest in Social Education as Catholic – La Provincia

The Student Council of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has described as chaotic the mobilizations carried out last Wednesday by students of the degree of Social Education of the Faculty of Education Sciences on the Campus of the Obelisk. "We were told that a sit-in in solidarity with a reduced mobility partner who had trouble accessing the classroom was going to be organized. But this original idea became a complaint of everything for everything, and we already warned that from our perspective it was going to be a chaos, "they said.

The Student Council expressed the need to first address the problems through the channels of the competent bodies, and if they are not resolved, go to the protest. "In this case, each student had a different complaint and in the end he was the Vice Chancellor of Students to clarify the doubts. We do not share the forms of mobilization, although we understand that there is concern on the part of the student for many reasons." For this reason, they announce that on October 15, the Council will hold an assembly on the Obelisk Campus, to answer the students' questions and learn about their concerns and complaints first hand.

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