The strong fraternity of digital entrepreneurship

One was dedicated to the logistics sector, the other to travel agencies, and although they are different sectors, these brothers share the same passion for entrepreneurship, as well as the same philosophy that has made them successful: solving problems, making life more easy for your customers and digitize. Mox and Vyootrip, the startups of Gregorio and Antonio Jesús López Martos, not only went through the Andalucía Open Future startup accelerator, but are currently part of Lanzadera, the acceleration program of Juan Roig, president of Mercadona. Gregorio López, CEO of Mox, founded the startup on September 19, 2017 together with Antonio José Valenzuela Sánchez and Tom Horsey. The company that was born to manage any type of order that was distributable by motorcycle or bicycle, especially food deliveries, today has expanded to other branches such as retail, food … That is why the group now has five different types of delivery service that come together to offer the customer the solution that best suits their needs. “We make a tailor-made suit for clients,” explains Gregorio, referring to the services they provide. And most importantly, “we solved many problems for them,” says the CEO of the startup, who has just bought the technology Supertech with the intention of continuing to digitize services and processes. “We not only want to be a logistics startup, we also want to be a ‘tech’,” he concludes. The startup of Gregorio’s younger brother, Antonio Jesús López, was established in a completely different sector: travel agencies. Antonio had an agency in Jaén that managed business trips, on many occasions for Mox, Gregorio’s company. One Sunday of so many in which Gregorio could not book a trip because logically the agency was closed, he said to his brother: «’Nono’ (nickname of affection), every time I cannot book with you because your agency is closed I have to book through other platforms ». It was at this time that conversations and ideas began to emerge to generate an online platform that would offer this business travel management, and thus began the new business adventure for Antonio, who together with Rosa María Molina founded Vyootrip in 2019, the startup that manages corporate travel through a unique software that allows companies to set travel and expense policies to maintain control in a simple and centralized way. These brothers have not only shared their experiences, knowledge and philosophies, they have also had to cope with the pandemic and have overcome 2020 gracefully. Mox reached profitability for the first time and Vyootrip has maintained a monthly growth since September that ranges between 35% and 45% “both in billing and operations,” says its CEO. The company not only aims to reach two million in turnover, but to be profitable in the second half of the year. In addition, the two companies currently have an open financing round that they plan to close before the end of March: eight million in the case of Mox and 450,000 euros in that of Vyootrip. .

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