The striking suit with which Dani Mateo gave the chimes of LaSexta

Not only Cristina Pedroche drew attention with the wardrobe that he chose to give the Chimes on Antena 3. Dani Mateo has also surprised wearing a striking pink jumpsuit with rhinestones, plunging neckline, silver heeled boots, glasses and hat to accompany Cristina Pardo placeholder image in this broadcast end of the year at LaSexta.

"I think it is a precious exercise in democracy. At LaSexta we believe in democracy, and the people have voted for this. They have wanted to see me like this and the consequences must be paid. In addition, I have removed a rebellious hair that I had here. I really look pretty good. I'm going to take a boat ride, "said the presenter of 'Zapeando' after appearing on the set of LaSexta in said wardrobe. "You have more cleavage than me. It's impressive," Pardo told her immediately afterward.

Specifically, this wardrobe has been chosen through a vote among LaSexta viewers. After several days of suffrage, viewers mostly opted for this set dubbed 'ElTonton John', discarding the options 'Agent 0.07', with a more elegant and formal cut in the purest James Bond style, and 'Bugs Dani', which was a rabbit costume.

In this way, Cristina Pardo repeated, for the fifth consecutive year, as host of the special broadcast and Dani Mateo, host of 'Zapeando' and collaborator of 'El Intermedio', debuted in this very special appointment with the audience in these bells in the that both brought humor and emotion to the new year from the traditional Puerta del Sol.


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