July 29, 2021

The strike in the Basque concerted education was called off

The unions and the employers have reached an agreement this morning to end the strike in the social initiative centers of Basque concerted education, which will return to normal next Monday.

The mediator of the Labor Relations Council (CRL) Iñaki Varas has met again tonight at the headquarters of this body in Bilbao to representatives of the ELA, CCOO, Steilas and LAB unions, organizers of the strike, of the employers Kristau Eskola and Aize-Izei and the Department of Education of the Basque Government.

The meeting ended after one in the morning with an agreement signed by the employers and unions ELA, CCOO and Steilas, but not LAB.

A CCOO spokesman has described the agreement as "very good" because it reflects the claims of the workers "almost entirely", by guaranteeing a relocation procedure endorsed by the Basque Government, which has signed a commitment document.

The agreement also includes improvements for the most precarious groups in the sector, a relief contract "in the best conditions" and a "generalized" wage increase, after the employer's resignation to link the salary tables to public financing, according to the union spokesman.

The Deputy Minister of Administration and Services of the Department of Education, Olatz Garamendi, who has attended the meeting, has congratulated the agreement, since "children can go to class with absolute normality from Monday", and stressed that " It has paid off "the proposal of the Basque Government for the relocation and rejuvenation of staff.

After the meeting, LAB has denounced in a statement the procedure of ELA and the employers and the "opportunism" of the Basque Government in the conflict.

"Only ELA has participated in the negotiations with the Government and the Employers, the rest of the unions have not seen any proposal until the last moment and we have not had the option of meeting in a common framework with all the parties," LAB criticized , who suspects "electoral interests" in the Basque Government, since "he has been involved exclusively during the electoral campaign."

LAB understands that the negotiation of the terms of the relief contract has meant a loss of rights for teachers, so it cannot be "positively assessed", and announces that it will analyze the agreement signed by ELA, CCOO and Steilas in the coming days .

A spokeswoman for Kristau Eskola has said the employer will not publicly analyze the content of the agreement until tomorrow.

Some 9,000 workers were called for a month-long strike, which would have affected more or less than more than 100,000 students.

This Friday the second day of the strike has been fulfilled, seconded, as yesterday, by 75 percent of the workers, according to the unions, although the employer Kristau Eskola has reduced that percentage to 16 percent.

Within the framework of this long labor conflict, the unions have promoted a total of 27 strike days in the last two courses, 24 of them last year.

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