July 25, 2021

The strike call divides the medical specialists of the Archipelago – La Provincia

The strike by Area Specialists (FEAs), called by the unions CC OO, UGT and Satse for tomorrow, has divided the members of the sector. The truth is that the mobilization is called by more than 2,000 professionals of the Canary Health Service (SCS) in a temporary situation, but, as reported yesterday by the Board of Confluences and Doctors of the Canary Islands, the interim and eventual of the four main hospitals of the Islands have chosen to be unmarked. “We are not going to support the strike because, at no time, these unions have agreed on the decision with us and we do not feel identified,” said Dácil García, spokesman for the said group.

According to García’s explanations, what the Confluence Board intends is to “agree” the needs of the union with the doctors themselves, and then write a statement that will be presented to the head of the Canary Islands health, Teresa Cruz. “We do not want our claims to be involved in a fight between unions, we only ask that the counselor receive us and know what we really demand,” said the union representative.

It should be noted that the director of Human Resources of the SCS, Francisco Artiles, will hold today a meeting with the three union groups that registered the strike notice on January 15, in order to address the conflict. “It is shameful that the counselor has not wanted to meet with us since we called the strike. They have only summoned us to address the minimum services that we have to meet, but never to give rise to the dialogue,” lamented José Alonso Rodríguez, secretary General CC OO. To later add that, “the director of human resources has no decision-making capacity in this matter, so it should be Cruz who feels to listen to us once and for all.”

Based on their criteria, the attitude of the counselor during all this time has touched “pride”, as it is the first time that the person responsible for the health of the Islands, before a threat of strike, “alleges that he does not receive the committee for agenda problems. “

Your position is firm. The health administration must convene the Public Employment Offer (OPE) accumulated from 2016,2017,2018, and the exceptional one from 2019, in a decentralized way – by management – in order to guarantee the stability of the professionals. “The Ministry has opted for a centralized OPE, with a hybrid touch, which not only threatens the jobs of the toilets, but will bring serious consequences to the Islands over time,” said the secretary general of CC OO .

An opinion seconded by his counterpart at UGT, Francisco Bautista, who also claimed that the offers must be “negotiated” at the Sectorial Board. “This violates the regulations. It is clear that dialogue is needed and that professionals have to fight for the vacancy they have occupied for years,” he said.

Likewise, Bautista maintains the hope that Teresa Cruz “reconsiders” and decides to hold a meeting with the unions, in order to explain to her in the first person the “malaise” of the health guild. “This will be the first of the strikes. If you choose not to meet with us, we will continue to call strikes in the medical sector,” he said bluntly.

For his part, the secretary general of Satse, Leopoldo Cejas, considered that changing the type of call “is a matter of will and open a way of negotiation.” Following this line, and according to Cajas, the possibility of calling more strikes “will depend on the attitude of the Ministry and the decisions taken by unions and workers.”

However, the other side of the coin is put by the communication spokesman of the National Federation of Health of Intersindical Canaria, Ruymán Pérez, one of the groups that opposed supporting this health strike, considering that this strike “is not what strong enough “and pursues” political interests. “

“We cannot understand that such a claim does not meet all professional categories, much less that the summoners are the same as those who have signed the different job offers with the previous government team,” said Pérez. He added that, “we consider these initiatives to be positive for changes, but on this occasion, certain union movements have divided the group of workers and that is why many of us are not going to support it.”

An “inevitable” decision

  • “The strike of February 12 appears as inevitable before the decision of the Minister of Health – Teresa Cruz – to avoid all contact with the strike committee”, subscribe UGT, CC OO and Satse in a text disseminated through social networks. Also, as CC OO insists on its web portal, it is “lack of dialogue” The main cause of this determination. “We have never been able to use our arguments before a valid interlocutor of the administration. The only time we had the opportunity to do so, when the president of the Canary Islands Government ordered Teresa to negotiate with the unions, she managed to turn that negotiation into a full taxation “, regrets the union. Also, following the criteria of the general secretary of CC OO José Alonso Rodríguez, “It is essential to open a way of dialogue to ensure the welfare of Canarian health.”


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