June 20, 2021

The streets of Madrid have become an open-air museum :: Prensa Ibérica for Telefónica


Likewise, the Prado Museum invites passersby who come across some of the works scattered around the city, to take a snapshot and share this unexpected encounter on their social networks with the hashtag #Vuelve al Prado. With this initiative it is sought that citizens return to museums and consume culture.

Prado Digital Door

In the recreation of the selected paintings located in Madrid, the format of the originals is recreated, as they are in the museum, including their explanatory poster. In addition, a QR code has been incorporated next to each work so that passers-by can expand the information and facilitate the possibility of buying the ticket through their smartphone using the new tool promoted by Telefónica, Prado Puerta Digital. As a Benefactor company of the Prado Museum Visitor Service Program, Telefónica is behind the main milestones in the digital transformation of the great Spanish art gallery.

The Prado Puerta Digital app allows museum visitors to obtain their ticket for the same day easily and quickly, without additional costs over the internet. You will have all the information regarding access, services and conditions of the visit on your mobile and you can easily change the date and time of the visit, after purchase.

The Prado Museum, with more than 22 million euros in income from ticket sales, thanks to this tool you will be able to plan and anticipate the needs of visitors, helping to make your experience exceptional from the first digital contact they have with the gallery. . For Miguel Falomir, director of the Museo Nacional del Prado, “the role of Telefónica, as Benefactor of the Visitor Service program, has been fundamental in this process of digital transformation of the Prado. Puerta Digital represents a very important qualitative and quantitative step forward for us ”.

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