The streams that continue to be active from the La Palma volcano are located to the west of the main cone

Volcanic flows continue to be active west of the main cone of Cumbre Vieja and run mainly through volcanic tubes and various jameos, and one of them, the one that arose at north of Cogote Mountain, has already reached the cliff and the low island.

This was stated at a press conference by the volcanologist of the IGN, Carmen López, who has acted this Monday as spokesman for the scientific committee of the Pevolca, also underlining that there are “cracks and bills” in the upper part of the secondary cone that could evolve and produce landslides and collapses towards the interior of the crater but its stability is “not compromised”.

In addition, he has said that a new bathymetry between the lava deltass one and four and depths of up to 4.5 kilometers and more than 300 meters from the coast are detected.

He has commented that the volcanic plume is oriented to the west and northwest, which facilitates air navigation and from this Tuesday they are expected rainfall mild and entry of a Saharan air mass that could increase PM10 values.

López has also said that the seismicity iIntermediate is low and is located in the same areas, and earthquakes more than 20 kilometers away are found at very low values, as is volcanic tremor, at medium and low levels and with less variability.

Also, there is no trend of deformation near the eruptive center and remains stable in the center of the network with slight deflation at the most remote stations.

The SO2 (sulfur dioxide) emission rate is high but with a downward trend while the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) it is stable, with more than six times the average background levels.

Refering to air quality, are at good and reasonably good levels for sulfur dioxide and good and fair for PM10.

The spokesperson for the scientific committee, Miguel Angel Morcuende, has indicated that since this Sunday the dangerous values ​​of gases have dropped except in Puerto Naos and La Bombilla.

Caution to avoid accidents

In addition, he has commented that people housed are 556 (+2), of which 410 are in a hotel in Fuencaliente, 71 in another in Los Llanos de Aridane and 75 in the H10 in Los Cancajos, plus 43 dependents in social health centers.

The affected area is still 1,155 hectares, the same as the lava deltas –48.03 hectares – and the width between streams –3,350 meters.

Morcuende has commented that many streams run through volcanic tubes and the ones that receive the most material are the delta located further south, and streams number 9 and 4 while the northern zone is stopped.

In addition, and before the high influx of visitors to the island during the bridge, has asked for caution and that people have high visibility items at night to prevent accidents, especially at the Tajuya and El Time viewpoints.


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