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The strange fortress of Vallejo | sports

The strange fortress of Vallejo | sports

One of the great concerns of the technicians who have directed the Spanish team in recent years was how to deal with the transition in a position as important as the central defense. Occupied in the last decade by three of the best defenders in the world, Carles Puyol, Gerard Piqué and Sergio Ramos, in Las Rozas watched with concern the shortage of young defenders with conditions to relieve them. The generational gap was so evident that in the last U-21 European, that of the 1994-1996 generation, the two titular central ones were 1997: Jorge Meré and Jesús Vallejo. The second, signed by Real Madrid in 2015, was listed as the first on the list until a year and a half ago. Since then, a calvary of muscular injuries and the strong competition of the white club have put in suspense the forecasts around his projection.

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The current situation of the Aragonese player is alarming. Until this Thursday was the only field player of the first team of Madrid who had not played any official minute so far this season. Solari put an end to his ostracism by giving him 90 minutes in Copa. It was his first appearance in white since May 9. Its participation before the Melilla seems something anecdótico. The Argentine has left him out of the list of players available for the Club World Cup and his decisions invite to think that Javi Sánchez has ahead of him in the rotation.

The canterano, his partner in the back before the Melilla, completed the idea of ​​the tie copera, disputed 45 in Vigo against Celta and 31 in the duel of Champions against Viktoria Plzen. In addition, he sat on the bench in Rome, Eibar Y Valencia. In none of the last three duels was Vallejo called despite being fully recovered from his recent injury to the right thigh. His environment is limited to explain that if he did not count it was by decision of Solari and also ensure that the Aragonese faces the moment with confidence and without giving a sign of discouragement.

"He's from another galaxy, he has an atomic bomb-proof mentality and he's never going to make any out-of-tune statements," they tell from his inner circle. "His disposition and head is extraordinary, he is tremendously positive, he does not back down at any moment, he is a person unavailable to discouragement," they confirm from Valdebebas. Employees of Madrid and teammates appreciate that their mentality is even inappropriate in today's football. They say that in spite of the shortage of minutes and the continuous muscular injuries they have never appreciated the slightest dejection.

146 days down

Since his arrival in Chamartín last summer he has lost more games than he has played. To date he has played 12 matches and has been out of 146 days, absent in 28 games due to physical problems. He was the field player who played the least minutes (1.004). "He really wants to play, to start counting and to add minutes, injuries do not affect him, it's something that has happened to other players, let them tell Varane!" Argues his people.

The intention of Vallejo is still to fight for a position. Despite the suggestion of Julen Lopetegui, did not consider leaving Madrid last summer and does not intend to request an exit in the month of January. His environment has not even probed the possibility of seeking a transfer or have contacted any club because they explain the central is convinced that he has conditions to play at the Santiago Bernabéu. He believes that in the opportunities he had last year he did not clash and that his performance was acceptable.

"He is strong and has never had the slightest doubt, he is happy and if he wants to stay, it is because of his conviction that he can make a career in Madrid. He always tells us:" The opportunity will come, I am 21 years old and I am in the Real Madrid. "It is very clear that you have to go little by little, training to training, all you want is to wait your turn and play," they reveal in their circle.

At the moment Solari has only counted on him for the Cup, but Vallejo, whatever happens, and strange as it may seem, does not despair.

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