Tue. Apr 7th, 2020

The strange disease of the 'chef' Jordi Roca that has left him afflicted

Jordi Roca, the known chef of the prestigious Celler de Can Rocasuffer one disease neurological call dystonia and that has left aphonic permanently. This has been revealed during a interview With the program Late Motiv of Movistar + presenting Andreu Buenafuente. In a conversation with the presenter, the prestigious chef has told how he is living with this rare disease.

Roca has explained a little better what his ailment consists of. He has ensured that dystonia occurs after a series of spasms that can occur anywhere in the body. These shakes can occur in the face, foot, mouth or neck, as is the case of the Catalan chef.

The chef Jordi Roca

The chef Jordi Roca

Apparently, in 2010, Jordi Roca arrived at his restaurant at night and noticed a strong pain in his neck. At that moment, his head began to make movement without his brain ordering it, something that kept repeating itself in time although lowered in intensity. "I have spent a lot of time with my neck very, very raised, and even when I walk, my neck is lifted." ha insured.

Silence allows me to listen and understand people in a different way ”

“It also started to happen to me with my voice. The vocal cords open to me and the sound escapes me and I can't control the phonation, ”he explained, giving an answer to why he suffers from this aphonia against which he is also fighting through rehabilitation:“ I can start a sentence with a normal voice, but When I start talking, he leaves. The ropes open to me, I get very tired and let's say that the easy solution for me, to communicate, is to talk like that, without phonation, ”he said.

“I was forced to this and although I was not someone very talkative, At first I lived it with resignation and I was a little dejected For this new situation. Silence allows me to listen and understand people in a different way, ”said Jordi Roca, trying to extract a lesson from this rare disease that has changed his life.


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