April 11, 2021

The strange accident of a Porsche crossed by a guardrail

It happened at dawn in Pinseque, Zaragoza, and the driver fled, allegedly, to avoid alcohol or drug control. The Civil Guard is checking if the registered owner was the one who was driving that night or was someone else

The past dawn of December 26, the Civil Guard and Firefighters of Zaragoza received a call to attend an emergency occurred in one of the exits of the A-68 as it passes through the town of Pinseque. It was an accident suffered by a Porsche Macan that had been stamped against a guardrail with such bad fortune that it had even crossed the vehicle. As seen in the photo, the “quitamiedos” crossed the car, passed through the passenger seat and left through the back of the car, through the trunk. The situation seemed very serious, however, those who gave the voice of alert, the Civil Guard and firefighters were surprised that there was no one there. The driver allegedly fled and no remains were found to suspect the presence of injuries. They searched the surroundings, but nothing.

The possibility of the driver losing control of the vehicle due to the high speed (the limit is 40 km / h) is considered and shortly after he fled to, also allegedly, avoid the subsequent control of breathalyzer or drugs. Or try to hide any other infraction or crime.

The circumstances are still unknown, the movement made by the car, how it could be traversed in that way by the guardrail and if the placement of the remover was correct. From that same night the Civil Guard tried to locate the owner of the Macan, which is put in the name of a company. Once located, it remains to be determined who was driving and for that some cameras in the surroundings are being checked. The encirclement has narrowed in the figure of a businessman who lives in Zaragoza.

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