The story of'Mama Leona', the woman who stabbed her daughter's rapists – La Provincia

The story of'Mama Leona', the woman who stabbed her daughter's rapists - La Provincia

A judge has sentenced to 30 years in prison the rapists who abused the daughter of Mama Leona, the South African woman who stabbed three men a year ago and killed one of them to defend her daughter, according to an interview published in Metro daily.

The mother had been preparing a dinner for her daughter at her home in a village near Zwartwater, South Africa, when a friend broke in. He said that Tree men They had cornered their 27-year-old daughter and dragged her to a building and had seen them take off their clothes.

Went to the Police station from the village where he did not get help. Then, he decided to take a knife and go to his aid. She ran more than two kilometers until she reached the place where she was being held and listened to her daughter's desperate cries.

He burst through the door and surprised the three naked men taking turns to rape his daughter.

He killed one of them and severely wounded the other two, aged 24 and 31, who collapsed on the ground. The mother then consoled her anguished daughter until the doctors arrived, who certified a dead man and took the survivors to the hospital.

Both, who already had backgrounds, have been sentenced to 30 years in prison in the Magistrates' Court of Lady Frere, just as explains 'The Independent'.

The citizens, overturned with the case

The people, faced with these events, have gone to work to raise money for their case in the court and have applauded for having rejected the alleged attackers of his daughter. "It means that there are many people with good hearts who are on my side, I would have thrown a lion to protect my daughter, and I am sure that many mothers would have done the same," the mother underlined when she saw the support with the that says.


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