February 28, 2021

The story of the priest Ignacio María Doñoro

Everything started there, in the hills of Panchimalco, in the Republic of El Salvador. It was the year 1994, when, pretending to be a peddler of children's organs, the Spanish priest Ignacio María Doñoro went into "the Salvadoran Bronx" where the mafias campaigned at ease and the life of others lacked any value.

No one with two toes would have put their feet there. Nobody, except a man of God like him, former military chaplain of the barracks of the Intxaurrondo Civil Guard, north of San Sebastian, during the terrible years of lead. If the threats of ETA did not succeed in beating him then, neither that new intimidating challenge had the least dissuasive effect on him.

At his side he remained tremulous, yes, a religious woman without a habit that she had earlier said: "But, father! Are you crazy? They are going to kill us! ». He merely calmed her down: "What does it matter, sister, to die of a shot or with patches of morphine?" The nun had cancer. Once there, Father Doñoro kept his cool, although his heart beat a thousand times an hour: "How much is this boy worth?" He asked the trafficker. The looks came together in a 14-year-old boy, who urinated on top of fear. The poor man knew that very soon they would kill him to remove his eyes or kidneys and be able to implant them to other children of wealthy families abroad.

"His parents had four daughters and they had already sold Manuel, who suffered from paralysis," the priest recalled today. Shortly before, Father Doñoro had received his first donation, equivalent to 20,000 euros. He thought that the traffickers were asking for 25,000 euros for the child's life and he was willing to negotiate with them. "We just sold it," the dealer said. "How much is it worth?" He insisted, without throwing in the towel. At the change of the Salvadoran colon, the price turned out to be at the end of 25 euros. The life of a child was worth 25 euros! Dooro breathed a sigh of relief: "I offer you 26 euros for him," he resolved.

Then he pushed the kid into the truck. The vehicle moved away as quickly as possible. "After a few hours, while the doctor listened to Manuel, I saw in his eyes the grateful look of God," he says, still moved. The grateful look of Manuel would germinate, years later, in the foundation of Hogar Nazaret, in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. Specifically, in the central Huallaga of the San Martin Region, in Peru.

«I could not say no to God

-Explains its founder, about to complete thirty years of priesthood. Those who are in love, you know that love catches you and corners you. It does not leave an option. And I see Love, with capital letters, in the poorest. I recognize his face, in the midst of suffering, at the gates of hell, rescuing abandoned children ».

Victims of abuse

The Nazareth Home today welcomes 82 children abandoned by their parents, victims of sexual abuse or condemned to be dismembered for the international trade of organs. Creatures of God who, like Manuel, are reborn and find there a tender and solicitous father who can not do enough for them even at the risk of risking his own life. "Before I lived comfortably, with my salary as military commander, housing and even private driver. But in the ten years that I have been here, I have everything that can not be bought with money: the satisfaction of offering a hopeful future to so many children rescued from the same hell, "warns Father Doñoro.

This "Don Bosco" Spanish, as the founder of the Salesians once did, dedicates his whole life today to the most disadvantaged children and young people. Every day he celebrates Holy Mass with his "crucified children", as he calls them.

The Hogar Nazaret will soon be consecrated to San José, thus completing the Holy Family of Nazareth. Although Father Doñoro is not alone, he needs financial help to move forward. Otherwise, if the Nazareth Home were to close, the unfortunate children would again be exploited as slaves in mining or imprisoned by pedophiles in brothels. The work is now going through moments of great difficulty. Your website (www.hogarnazaret.es) is still the vehicle to keep it alive. How many children, like Manuel, would be born again …!

«You will die, cure!»

On March 14, 2015, he was presumed dead. Father Doñoro himself tells us: "Three armed men enter through the terrace. "You're going to die, priest!" They yell. I instinctively kicked one of them. The three hit me on the head with the butts of their pistols. I notice the viscosity of the blood. They throw me to the ground, tying my hands and feet, and kicking me until I lose consciousness.

When I recover it, two of them jump on top. I notice how the body moves; I no longer feel pain. Maybe they have left me paraplegic. I have to pray … The idea of ​​going through the emergency room in Heaven makes me smile. In just four years, I have infuriated these poor wretches, taking many children out of the hell of mining … "

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