May 10, 2021

The story of overcoming Samantha Gilabert, the singer who aspires to enter Operation Triumph – La Provincia

The young beniarresinSamantha Gilabertis one of the 30 finalists of the next edition of 'Triumph operation'. The singer of Beniarrés, who has60% hearing loss, has passed all the phases of the casting of 'OT 2020' but it will not be until the broadcast of the Gala 0 when the final contestants who will be part of the most famous television academy are known. [/ embed]

Samantha Gilabert, who currently works as an animation at a hotel in Lanzarote, is thevocalist of the 'Cactus' music group in Valencian."Fusta" and "Gossa-te-la"They are some of the best known songs of this band that will release their next album in December.

One of the songs that the Alicante sang in the castings was"Je vole", soundtrack of the movie "The Bélier family" that deals with a family in which everyone is deaf except a daughter. Gilabert justified her choice in that she feels identified since shehave sensorineural hearing loss since birth, which means a 60% hearing loss. [/ embed]

The young singer also pointed out during her casting that, although normallydoes not use headphones to sing,He took them to the casting so he could talk to the jury. "Hearing aids are not for singing, they have a mechanism that fits," he said. And is that hearing loss does not limit you when singing

Noemí Galera, the president of the 'OT 2020' academy that is part of the jury, was interested in how the rhythm of music continues when she sings bowling. For his part, Samantha Gilabert answered all the questions and stressed thatRead the lips "super good" and lead a normal life. [/ embed]


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