The story behind the dismissal of the CRI World Champion

Before the beginning of the frozen hell that has been the road test today Yorkshire World Cup, Bahrain-Merida wished, through a tweet, good luck to all the runners of its structure who jumped on the asphalt in England.

To all but one. The World Time Trial Champion, Rohan Dennis, which last Wednesday swept the test against the clock, was not on the list that his own team had made.

The controversy, who was born on this year's Tour, has concluded at the end of the test on the line with the announcement of the immediate dismissal of the Australian who is already looking for equipment.

Rohan Dennis, the best time trialist of the last two years, is a rebel cyclist, but his strange abandonment in the Tour de France the day before the clock, did not match his winning nature. The controversy began that day and ended today with the dismissal.

The Australian until last year at the BMC he has never found himself comfortable with the Merida bike. In the Tour, he fled the day before the chrono contradicting the orders of his directors, and went home without disputing the time trial.

He did not compete again until last Wednesday. When he went out to competition with a bicycle painted black and with a helmet that was not his team's. The bicycle was BMC brand with the logo covered, despite the fact that its own structure is named after another brand, Merida. In the first stages of today's test, Dennis has been seen pulling the group with a BMC bike without covering the logo.

After the support tweet to their runners, and once the test is over, the Bahrain MeridHe has announced, also through the networks, the immediate dismissal of the World Champion with retroactive effect to September 13.

Although the relationship between structure and cyclist was broken for months (some voices indicate that Dennis asked for a new bicycle for the chrono that the team did not give him) the discipline where Landa will run next season did not make the dismissal official so that Dennis could play the World Cup, That ended up wearing.

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