The story behind "20,000 species of bees"

The story behind "20,000 species of bees"

Estíbaliz Urresola Solaguren's debut film starts out as one of the favorites of the Goya night, with 15 nominations, including best film, best new director and best original screenplay. After its time at the Forqué, where it was crowned with the award for best fiction feature film and the Cinema and Education in Values ​​award, it is worth wondering if Urresola's film will continue its unstoppable streak on the night of February 10.

The film is anchored in reality, since it arises from the death of Ekai, a 16-year-old transsexual young man from Ondárroa who He took his own life in 2018, leaving a letter in which he wished “to be the last to fall for this reason.”. The young man's writing dreamed of a hopeful future for trans childhoods, and Urresola's film aims to be a bridge between the present that the young Basque had to live and the future that he envisioned.

Estíbaliz Urresola uses cinema to make the viewer go through a transit, since as he declared in an interview for EiTB: “what passes through is the gaze of others.” Throughout her process of preparing to write the script, the director discovered that It is the families of trans young people who go through a phase of changeand the film uses the relationship between a mother and daughter to explain this transition, concluding that it all comes down to a change in the way you look.

In this aspect, the choice of the name Lucia is not random, since according to Christian tradition Saint Lucia was the patron saint of sight. The concept of the gaze in the film is bidirectional. Between Lucía and her family, there is an exchange. As if it were a beehive, Each member of the clan has a role, and through the mother, grandmother and aunts we witness very different ways of understanding femininity..

The greatest value of the film is its ability to act as a bridge and invite the viewer to deconstruct themselves, in the same way that Lucía's family does. In an interview for “Dama”, Urresola explained that in her story “… the family dynamic will be dynamited until there is only the opportunity to start from scratch.” That new beginning was the reality that Ekai dreamed of.

Since the young man died, there has been a change in society. In that pre-pandemic 2018, transidentities were not commonly associated with childhoods. Years later, coinciding with the triumph of "20,000 species of bees" at the Berlinale, Congress approved the Trans Law. The film shows that the important thing is the path, and even if it does not obtain the coveted statuette, the award is won.