May 31, 2020

The storm leaves new incidents in Ourense due to floods

The storms have left this Saturday new incidents in the province of Ourense, where orange warning was decreed, and, specifically, in the capital, with dozens of cars trapped, falling trees, presence of water rafts and punctual cuts of the electrical supply .

Just a few days after the floods registered in Monterrei and Valdeorras, this time the city was affected by the storm in a day in which nearly three thousand lightning bolts fell, according to Meteogalicia.

Specifically, in the city of Ourense, heavy rains registered around five in the afternoon caused dozens of incidents in just fifteen minutes.

In particular, municipal sources reported the fall of several trees on several streets and also on the N-120, sewer covers went off and there was also a network blowout on Pardo de Cela street with Plaza Concepción Arenal, entrance of the city, which forced to cut the circulation to the traffic to the height of the pavilion of You Remedios.

In addition, for safety, the municipal government suspended the tourist train service.

The presence of water rafts also forced the mobilization of the Local Police, which was in charge of regulating traffic, as well as the Firemen who proceeded to unblock the drains.

There was also a traffic accident with injuries, although of little consideration.

In other municipalities of the province, such as Coles and Maceda, there were also episodes of waterlogged areas and power cuts.

The mayor of Ourense, Gonzalo Pérez Jácome, has counted in his official Twitter account, pulling irony, that as the first councilor, by Democracy Ourensana, he can only say: "Do not take me to milongas in the middle of February that there is a drought From my government team we want to convey that in our city water will not be lacking. "

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