April 10, 2021

The storm Helena forced to close dozens of roads

The storm Helena forced to close dozens of roads

Bad weather and snowfall in the last few hours has caused the closure of traffic in eleven mountain passes, including that of San Isidro (AS-112, in Aller). As for the Pajares (Lena), another of the roads that have been affected is closed to heavy vehicle traffic, although cars can always circulate with chains.

According to information collected by Europa Press from the Emergency Service of the Principality of Asturias on the morning of this Saturday, the Asturian ports of Palo (Allande), La Marta (Allande), Leitariegos (Cangas del Narcea), Connio (are completely closed to traffic). Cangas del Narcea), Alto del Campillo (Degaña), Tormaleo (Ibias), Somiedo (Somiedo), San Lorenzo (Somiedo) Ventana (Teverga).

For its part, the use of chains is required to travel in the ports of Lavadoira (Allande), Pozo de las Mujeres Muertas (Allande), Bobia (Boal), Rañadoiro Tunnel (Cangas del Narcea), Tarna (Case), Collada de Arnicio (Case), Cerredo (Degaña), Acebo (Grandas de Salime), Ortiguero (onís), Robellana (Onís), El Fito (Parres), Cobertoria (Quirós), Cordal (Riosa), Piedratecha (Tineo), Bustellán (Tineo), Casa del Puerto (Tineo), and Garganta (Villanueva de Oscos).

Retained trucks

Also, the Civil Guard has proceeded to bag trucks and vehicles circulating without chains or winter tires in the industrial estate of Aguilar de Campoo (Palencia) due to the difficulties to travel on the A-67 to Cantabria, where it has been decreed level red because of the snow.

At this moment there are 12 trucks and 20 cars detained in Aguilar de Campoo since seven in the morning, according to the latest information provided by the Government Sub-delegation in Palencia.

The adverse weather conditions, the snow and the strong wind, have forced to decree red level of the circulation in the A-67 (Palencia-Santander) between kilometers 103 and 116 and in the N-611 from kilometer 106 to 117, it is say from Aguilar de Campoo to the limit with Cantabria.

Closed sections in Castilla y León and Navarra

Six roads of Navarre are cut and in twelve it is necessary to use chains as a result of the storm of snow and wind, the Government has reported. As a result of snow accumulated on the road, the following roads are closed:

– NA-137 (Burgui-Isaba-France), from kilometer 47

– The Port of Urbasa, on the NA-718 (Estella-Olazti), from kilometer 16 to 38

– The Port of Meano, in the NA-7300 (Meano-Álava).

– NA-7510 (San Miguel de Aralar), from kilometer 3.

– NA-2012 (Ochagavia-Irati), from kilometer 8.

– NA-2011 (Salazar-France), from kilometer 7.

It is necessary to use chains on the following roads:

– N-135 (Pamplona-Francia by Luzaide-Valcarlos), between kilometers 30 and 55.

– Port of Urquiaga, on the NA-138 (Pamplona- France by Alduides).

In Castilla y León, the storm of snow and wind has forced to close eleven sections in Castilla y León, including the N-625 in Oseja de Sajambre (León), with chains in another 28, including the N-611 and the A-67, in Aguilar de Campoo, in Palencia, and in León in the N-625 and N-621 in the Pontoon and Boca de Huérgano.

According to the general traffic data of 9.50 am, the Portillo de Lunada and Sía are closed by snow, in BU-572 and BU-571, and CL-629, in Valdenoceda, in the province of Burgos.

In Palencia, you can not pass through the P-210 in Cervera, the CL-627 in Pidrasluengas and San Salvador de Cantamuda, and the wind is closed P-991, in Husillos.

In León, LE-481 is impassable in San Emiliano, LE-321 in Redipuertas, and N-625 in Oseja de Sajambre, due to detachment due to adverse weather.

Also in Salamanca you can not drive on the DSA-191, in the Travieso, according to the same sources.

In another 28 road sections winter chains or tires are needed and trucks or buses can not circulate, with fifteen sections in León, four in Ávila and others in Palencia, as the most affected provinces.

Orange notice in Andalusia

The State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) keeps active today for Saturday orange and yellow notices in different areas and regions of Andalusia by strong winds, coastal phenomena and snow, which have caused since yesterday some 444 incidents throughout the region.

The orange warning for winds will be active in the Almeria and Tabernas counties of Almeria; Valle del Almanzora and Los Vélez until 6:00 p.m. and by coastal in Levante, Poniente and the capital until noon.

This last warning will descend to yellow starting at 12:00 and will remain active until 8:00 p.m.

On the other hand, the AEMET keeps the yellow warning for coastal phenomena in the province of Cádiz until 6:00 pm; for snow in the Jaén regions of Capital and Montes, Cazorla and Segura, which will be valid until noon today.

In the province of Granada, yellow warnings are in force by the coast, until 6:00 p.m., and by snow until 12.00 p.m. in the basin of Genil, Guadix and Baza; Nevada and Alpujarras.


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