The storm Gabriel approaches with strong gusts of wind

The storm Gabriel approaches with strong gusts of wind

Tomorrow, Tuesday we will notice even more the tEmpowerment of wind, rain and waves due to the arrival of "Gabriel", the first deep storm of the year "formed by explosive cyclogenesis", explains to this newspaper Mar Gómez, meteorologist from "".

"We can already say that the storm is due to explosive cyclogenesis because the criterion that the pressure drop in twelve hours is about 9-10 millibars is met," says Gómez. That is, it is formed very quickly.

The storm, which will form between the British Isles and the Bay of Biscay, will head towards France where strong gusts of wind are expected, as in our country. "We will feel its effects from the hand of a front that will bring rain to the north of the peninsula and more weakly to the rest of the northern half, but above all we will notice wind. TWe have several active warnings for gusts that can exceed 100 km / h in the Cantabrian Mountains and Picos de Europa, 90 km / h in the Basque Country, Galicia and Cantabria and 80 km / h in the Iberian System, the Pyrenees, the Sierra Madrileña and the Central System. We will also have strong winds in the southeast with gusts of 70 km / h in Almeria or Murcia. The waves will be highlighted with up to five meters of height in the Bay of Biscay and of three in the Mediterranean and the Alboran Sea ".

In addition, "despite the fact that cold air will enter,The thermometers will not drop too much, although the snow level will be, for which we have active warnings for accumulated up to eight centimeters in the Cantabrian Mountains, five centimeters in the north of the Iberian System, 10 centimeters in the Pyrenees and five centimeters in the Pyrenees of Lérida ".


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