March 5, 2021

The storm does not remit until at least tomorrow Monday afternoon – La Provincia

The instability seemed last night to give a truce in the capital of Gran Canaria as wind and dust, but according to the predictions it only seemed to go down to idle because the models suggest more attacks during today and, at least, in the first half of tomorrow Monday.

The State Meteorological Agency launches a forecast for today, marked by yellow warning by winds and calm, in which the east component wind is rising to strong since noon, “with very strong gusts in the eastern half in the afternoon, accompanied of visibility reduction below 3000 meters by presence “of the suspended dust. And it details with respect to the temperatures that will increase in the islands of Tenerife as well as in the province of Las Palmas, which can rise around 30 degrees Celsius.

In principle, in the absence of analyzing the evolution of the storm, the yellow warnings will be deactivated by Monday afternoon, day that will dawn again with a strong presence of Calima and “without ruling out weak to moderate rainfall in the eastern islands”, with deliveries that can even be in the form of showers. All this with a wind of east component, “more intense during the first half of the day”.

The wind will begin to consolidate its change of origin on Tuesday, this component turning northeast in the afternoon in the eastern islands, but without cleaning the atmosphere at all.

They will be cloudy skies with a predominance of medium and high clouds, tending to cloudiness in the afternoon. The state agency points out that, again for that day, “generally weak rainfall is not ruled out at the western end of the archipelago, and may occasionally be in the form of showers and be accompanied by storms.”

Temperatures will not undergo significant changes until next Wednesday, with a certain soda, but with the hangover hangover present: “calm with a tendency to remit in the second half of the day.”


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