November 28, 2020

The storm ‘Bárbara’ moves away but leaves records of rain and wind, also in the Canary Islands

The storm ‘Bárbara’, which It has affected a good part of the peninsula and the Canary Islands in the last hours and which is already moving away, has left records of rains and hurricane winds in the country, with outstanding rainfall records in various parts of the country, including the island of La Palma.

There have been produced heavy showers, even torrential, with 21 liters per square meter in just 10 minutes in the town of El Paso, in an episode recorded on Tuesday morning, as explained by Rubén del Campo, spokesman for the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

In the Canary Islands, gusts of strong winds are also notable, such as one of 130 kilometers per hour in Izaña, in Tenerife, and another of 123 in Alto Igualero, in La Gomera, on Tuesday morning, he indicated. In the case of Gran Canaria, on Tuesday some strong gusts of wind what caused the fall of trees, and this Wednesday it is raining in areas like the capital.

In the whole of Spain, from 09.00 am on Tuesday 20 to that same time on Wednesday 21, the accumulated rains stand out, especially in the south of Ávila and the south of Salamanca, as well as in the north of the Cáceres province.

In the Port of Navacerrada, in Madrid, according to the Aemet spokesperson, never had it rained so much in a single day in October, when reaching 129 liters per square meter, and also the wind has also broken records.

At the Puerto del Pico station, in the province of Ávila, 294 liters per square meter have been registered, although the data is still provisional because the station lost communication for an hour, so it could finally exceed 300 liters per meter square in 24 hours.

To the north of Cáceres, in towns such as Garganta de la Olla, 270 liters per square meter have been collected in the 24 hours indicated between Tuesday and Wednesday, and in El Piornal, also in that province, 177 liters per square meter.

It is also remarkable the level of rainfall in the surroundings of the Cantabrian mountain range, especially in Camporredondo de Alba, in Palencia, with 150 liters per square meter, and 129 liters per square meter in Riaño (León).

Also noteworthy are the 53 liters per square meter in León, after registering “the rainiest day in that capital in October”.

In addition, torrential showers of only 10 minutes like that of El Paso have been counted on Tuesday afternoon in the towns of Alosno, in Huelva, and Fuente de Cantos (Badajoz), where up to 12 and 11 liters per square meter were collected, respectively.

“The other protagonist, without a doubt, of the storm Barbara has been the wind”According to Rubén del Campo, who has specified that it has blown with hurricane gusts in mountain areas, and especially in the Pyrenees, with 177 kilometers per hour in Cerler (Huesca), and 167 kilometers per hour in Baqueira, in Lleida.

In the north of the Iberian system, the data from Enciso stand out, in La Rioja, with gusts of 139 kilometers per hour, and in the central system the 134 kilometers per hour in Navacerrada (Madrid) are noteworthy, “also a record, with the strongest in this port in October ”.

In populated areas there have also been very intense gusts, such as the 116 kilometers per hour in the city of Huelva on Tuesday afternoon, and the 104 kilometers per hour at the Madrid Barajas airport, in the early hours of Wednesday.

Also noteworthy are 101 kilometers per hour in the city of Toledo on Tuesday night.

On the other hand, the records for Huelva and Barajas represent the record for the maximum streak for the month of October. Also Segovia, Pamplona and Córdoba, with 96, 95 and 91 kilometers per hour respectively, registered the strongest gusts for the month of October since there are records.


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