February 28, 2021

The stock market opens again flat, with a rise of 0.03%

The Spanish stock market has opened this Friday again flat, with an advance of 0.03% in the IBEX 35, in the same indefinite tonic as in the rest of Europe, in a session in which investors expect data on the creation of employment in the United States.

At 9.15 am the main indicator of the Spanish market, the IBEX 35, rose 2.80 points, 0.03%, to 9,403.80 points, with which the gains accumulated since the beginning of the year are at 10, 14%

The Spanish market, like most Europeans, closed yesterday flat, consolidating the substantial gains of the previous four sessions, when investors celebrated with purchases the reopening of trade negotiations between the US and China and the election of Christine Lagarde in front of the ECB.

The US Stock Exchange, which yesterday did not open on Independence Day, today celebrates a shortened and predictably low volume session, which lacks a capital reference for the markets.

Asian stocks closed this morning with gains of 0.47% in the Chinese CSI and 0.20% in the Nikkei in Tokyo, while the Hang Seng in Hong Kong barely moved.

In Europe, the movements are also very short: the only stock market that rises is Milan, 0.09%, while London yields 0.19%, Paris, 0.12% and Frankfurt, 0.07%.

In the debt market, the yield on the 10-year Spanish bond stood at 0.246%, (0.242% at the end of Thursday) and that of the German bonds at that same term were maintained at the positions of the previous session, in -0.401%, that is, below the deposit facility (what the ECB charges banks for deposits).

The euro crosses the dollar at 1,127, slightly below Thursday's close and the Brent barrel, the benchmark in Europe, is paid at 63.37 dollars per barrel, compared to 63.30 the day before.

Among the IBEX values, none oscillates more than 1%. Thus, Masmovil rises 0.95%, IAG gains 0.86% and Red Eléctrica, 0.67% while Acerinox yields 0.62%, CIE leaves 0.42% and Aena, 0, 31%

Of the most capitalized companies, at the start of the session Inditex fell 0.26% and Repsol 0.11%, while Telefónica increased 0.43%, BBVA 0.22% and Santander, 0, 13%

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