July 25, 2021

The stitches of Sheena Liam – The Province

The stitches of Sheena Liam - The Province

The Chinese artist Sheena Liam creates her works in a peculiar way; with needle and thread. But not only that, it creates girls whose realism fascinates everyone who sees them. His trick is based on leaving loose threads and creating a illusion of three-dimensionality as if the same image came out of its wooden frame.

Most are sewn with black thread and are women, whose hair is the center of the works. The interaction with the spectator is born from these threads precisely with which, in many occasions, the different hairstyles of the works can be finished; braids, pigtails, bows?

What makes each work of Liam unique and fascinates the viewers is that it is about art exclusively crafts. The artist for the moment, continues to try different hairstyles and poses that adds to each of them a lot of difficulty, but also of great beauty.


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