The stigma of Lucas | sports

The stigma of Lucas | sports

Sitting in a private box of the Metropolitan Wanda, Lucas Hernández attended the torrent of feelings that gave off the tribute to Gabi. First with the typhus in which you could read "Captain and reference". After, finished the game, with the presence of Abelardo, Godín, Tomás Reñones and Fernando Torres in the midfield. Lucas also found that the request that Diego Pablo Simeone made in the match preview to the fans, asking for affection for him, did not occur. There was not a single canticle rogatory emanated from the stands so that at least the French central dilate his march to Bayern Munich until next summer.

This is the maximum that Simeone and the club's leadership aspire to. The words of the technician in the press conference and those of Rodrigo in the mixed zone were the only support Lucas received. "We want it, we saw it born. Let him decide what he believes best. I will support him, decide what he wants because I will respect him because I love him so much, "said the coach, in what seemed the last public attempt to convince the player to end the season at the club.

The development of events He has stigmatized Lucas before the club, the coaching staff and some of his teammates. "He has messed with us", has been heard by the mouth of an Atletico player. One day after denying Miguel Ángel Gil, Simeone, one of the captains and sports director Andrea Berta that he had an agreement with Bayern or that he was going to leave in this winter market, Lucas's representative, Manuel García Quilón , he contacted Miguel Ángel Gil to arrange a meeting, according to Atlético sources.

This occurred in the Metropolitan Wanda last Thursday. According to the same sources, the player and the agent already recognized that the possibility of leaving for Bayern was real and they submitted an offer to stay that the club could not assume now, having already reached the 293 million euros that LaLiga has set as ceiling of expenditure on wage bill. The amount requested by Lucas, to which Bayern offers some 8.5 million euros net for each of the four seasons he would sign, is not easy to assume for Atlético. The maneuver has been described by some managers as an intolerable blackmail that can generate precedents in the future.

With this outlook, the club at rojiblanco, which is almost lost to the player, only has the hope that he accepts to stay until June in exchange for a future economic compensation that could accrue from the 80 million euros that set its clause rescission. The problem with this solution is that normally, in a case like this, in which a player as important is removed at such a delicate time as it is half of the season, commissions are usually higher for intermediaries.

If Lucas finally opted to stay until June 30 at Atlético, his stay would be marked by coldness and a mere professional sense. Simeone could use it because he would not lose one of his best players in the middle of the course and with the team in a position to fight for the League and the Cup and to beat Juventus in the last 16 of the Champions League. But Lucas can no longer represent what Gabi.

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