The STEC registers 2,500 signatures of support at 23 teaching hours in Primary – La Provincia

The STEC-IC culminates its campaign for 23 hours of teaching in Infant and Primary, along with the drop in ratios at all stages, with the registration of 2,500 signatures of support, mostly teachers, before the Ministry of Education. Gerardo Rodríguez, a member of the National Board of the education union, values: "The Ministry has until May or June 2020, when the planning of the next course is developed in Canplan to develop the measure.

If it does not, we reserve the right to mobilization to achieve it because, together with the lowering of ratios, it is essential to improve the quality of education in the Canary Islands. "The STEC promotes the initiative as it did in previous courses to recover the 18 Secondary school hours The collection of signatures is carried out through and – Rodríguez explains – "new deliveries are not ruled out. We hope that as a result of this first one, the signatures will skyrocket ". This is a historical claim of the Body of Teachers. The STEC has always defended" the full equalization of rights with the rest of the teaching staff in the day, salaries, professional consideration, etc. " .

The proposal is in line with the recent recommendation of the State School Council, not binding but mandatory, which aims to "educative administrations reduce the teaching hours of teachers and not exceed the EU average, since a smaller number implies greater time of dedication to prepare activities to develop with the students ". For the STEC, "the reduction of the teacher-student ratio per classroom in all educational stages is a fundamental factor to be able to offer a more personalized attention according to the needs, including those of diversity.


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