July 6, 2020

The STEC, against reordering the interim teaching staff with time worked – La Provincia

Before the open negotiation in the Education Sector Board Regarding the new regulation of the Teaching Employment Lists in the Canary Islands, the STEC-IC, as a majority organization in the field of Canarian public education once the teachers and labor union elections are held, wants to publicly clarify its position contrary to any agreement that supposes the reordering of the members of said Lists of Employment with time worked as teachers in the Canary Islands, since this would imply, unequivocally, the future dismissal of teachers currently active, an unaffordable matter for this organization.

In a statement, the union recalls that this Friday October 25 will be held a new Sectorial Bureau of negotiation in the educational field in order to address the modification or repeal, as has always been claimed by the STEC-IC, of ​​the current regulatory regulations of the Teacher Employment Lists in the Canary Islands, based on Decree 74/2010 and the orders that develop it.

In this context and as has previously happened, the STEC-IC will attend this meeting with the greatest negotiating will to reach an agreement that guarantees the labor stability of the interim teaching staff of the Canary Islands and, at the same time, offers future job opportunities for current and future members of the Employment Lists who do not have teaching experience.

"We demand that the Ministry of Education not worsen what has already been achieved in 2018 and 2019 with the previous Autonomous Government, through the budget laws, where it was established that people with time worked as teachers in the Canarian public education would keep their positions in the lists of employment, once the corresponding calls for oppositions have been held, "says the trade union organization that adds that" it is not acceptable that the proposal now under negotiation considers the reorganization, after the selective processes that could be convened, of the members of the employment lists with less than three years of time worked as teachers. "

Likewise, they call on the rest of the trade union organizations to maintain the unity of action in defense of a fair employment lists regulation system, in accordance with the unitary trade union proposal presented to the educational administration in November 2016, in such a way that prevent setbacks in this matter and, consequently, future layoffs.


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