The State will allocate 24 million to cover the 50% bonus for buses until December

The Canarian president, Ángel Víctor Torres, and the Minister of Transport, Raquel Sánchez, explain the details of the subsidy for the buses / afi-press

Torres insists that there is no grievance for the 100% subsidy for trains and points out that if necessary, the measure will be extended

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The President of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, and the Minister of Transport, Raquel Sánchez, signed this Monday the collaboration protocol that will allow a
50% discount on the price of buses on the islandscompared to suburban and medium-distance trains on the peninsula and the Balearic Islands which, according to the royal decree law validated in Congress last week, will receive a 100% subsidy.

Torres pointed out that in the maximum calculations, the measure may involve a contribution of 24 million from the central government, which is added to the
170 million that the different administrations refer each year to public transport on the islands, "which supposes a great effort in the maintenance and operation of these services".

The president, who was accompanied by the Minister of Transport, Sebastián Franquis, underlined the importance of this step to alleviate the inflation resulting from the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and insisted that
the islands receive more aid for bus and tram transportation than other communitiesby raising the state contribution from 30% to 50%.

He insisted on valuing "the effort made by the Spanish Executive at this difficult time, bringing together all the administrations and making an effort for the common good, to respond to the inflation suffered by Europeans, Spaniards and Canarians, take coordinated measures and bring them to practice in the best possible way.

Both Torres and Franquis rejected that there is a comparative offense, as has been denounced not only by the opposition but also by the parties that are part of the Pact of Flowers except the PSOE. In this regard, he explained,
In the Canary Islands, all existing public transport (buses and trams) is discounted by 50%, while these trains represent only 10% of total journeys in the peninsular territory. The president does not understand that some parties that demand total gratuity have voted together with the right and the extreme right when inflation affects the entire economy and all sectors of the population, "so it is contradictory."

Free transport in La Palma from Thursday

The Cabildo de La Palma will complete the bonus for bus bonuses up to free public transport on the island from this Thursday, September 1 to December 31. This measure will be applied to all users who have a bus voucher without the need for any paperwork, and will generate savings of up to 100 euros. The island president, Mariano Hernández Zapata, pointed out that the objective is "to make life easier for the inhabitants of the island."

This bonus will apply from this Thursday and until December 31 and, although it hopes that they will be sufficient, it does not rule out its extension by the central government if it is necessary after that period. Torres insists that, if the Canary Islands had commuter and medium-distance trains, he would enjoy a 100% discount, "but we don't have them and, for that reason, we proposed that, given the singularities of the islands, the percentages had to be relocated according to our legal and fiscal framework of the REF, raising it from 30% to 50% for buses and trams in the metropolitan area of ​​Tenerife».

Torres warned that these measures will change transport habits and asked for understanding for the errors that may occur at the beginning, among other things due to the large volume of bus and tram trips that occur in the Canary Islands. As an example, he indicated that “at the end of a normal year, like 2019, there were more than 45 million travelers.
The bonds go down 50% and this will make public transport more usedwhich pollutes less and is convenient from an energy point of view».

He assured that “I have always defended that there be trains in the Canary Islands, because they pollute less, and you can ask for everything to be free, but that could mean that we do not have the current welfare state.
What is not true is that there is a comparative tort».

PP and CC accuse the president of turning the canaries into

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