The state of the Temple of Debod is not "alarming"

The Temple of Debod in Madrid. / Eph

Studies show that there are no "serious conditions or pathologies that put you at risk", but its coverage is not ruled out


The state of the Temple of Debod is not "alarming" although its coverage or the measures that are necessary to guarantee its safety are not ruled out, and a decision will be made by consensus between different administrations and organizations, as revealed on Monday by the general director Cultural Heritage of the Madrid City Council, Luis Lafuente.

In a meeting with the media to explain his state of conversation with the technicians of the Santa María Foundation, he has transferred that there is currently an "accurate diagnosis" on the state of conservation of the Temple that for 50 years has been part of the city of Madrid.

Thus, he has detailed that thanks to the Preventive Conservation Plan of the Temple that they have presented today, the monument has a complete "non-fossilized" diagnosis that is updated day and day and that will allow decisions to be made in this regard.

The general director has pointed out that the study carried out shows that the Temple "does not require immediate action" and that any decision must be "reasoned and agreed".

The first action will consist of sending the studies carried out to the main institutions in the country linked to the conversation of cultural goods, among them, the Archaeological Museum, the Spanish Heritage Institute, the Royal Academy of San Fernando, the COAM or the universities.

"Our goal is to have your collaboration and to be able to discuss the treatment that the Temple requires," he added, to which he added that it will be a debate that extends to the international arena, with the aim of addressing with "criterion and rigor "scientific" decision-making "major".

In addition, Lafuente has insisted that it is a monument that "does not show serious conditions or pathologies that put it at risk" and that "in no case is there a risk of immediate destruction." "There is no alarm (...) The decision must be adopted from different conservation parameters," he said.

No option is ruled out

The general director of Cultural Heritage has stressed that so far "no option is ruled out". Also, he has defended that it is not the "last word" of the City Council since they are "the holders and those in charge of maintenance", but other administrations also have to give their opinion.

From the Santa María Foundation, they have transferred that the Temple of Debod does not present "reasons for immediate concern" so it is not necessary to make "hasty" decisions in this regard regarding its coverage or transfer. In addition, it has recommended that it continue to act under the same criteria to conserve and continue monitoring the Temple.

Specifically, the Foundation's Heritage and R+D+i coordinator, Mario Tena, has detailed that up to now what have been carried out are actions to find out how the Temple was through this Preventive Conservation Plan to minimize major risks and interventions.

This instrument, as detailed, allows the elements to be analyzed in detail and allows a transition from a "conservation of a curative nature to a preventive one" that tries to prevent further damage from occurring.

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