Tue. Oct 22nd, 2019

The state of New York prohibits by law the gender wage gap

The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, signed on Wednesday the law that prohibits the gender wage gap for women to charge the same as men, and that also vetoes companies ask about the salary history during job interviews.

Cuomo sanctioned the state law that prevents unequal pay "at the base of a protected class for all substantially similar jobs" during the celebrations in New York of the world-wide one of the feminine selection of soccer, that turned the wage demands into one of their signs of identity.

"There is no logical reason why women should not win the same as men.These soccer players play the same as men, and do it better, so if there is an economic reason, it is men who should earn less, "said Cuomo before the parade in honor of the combined.

The measures that come into force today, once signed by the governor, are part of the Justice for Women Agenda 2019, a program that includes protection for victims of sex trafficking, laws against workplace harassment and funding for single mothers They can study at the university and get out of poverty.

"New York is going to continue to lead the way and to stand by the women and girls in all parts of the State." By signing this legislation, we not only do the right thing, but also the morally correct and the same pay for the same work is right now in the State of New York, "said the governor.

This new legislation is based on two decrees signed by Cuomo last year, for which it was forbidden to evaluate candidates based on their income history, as well as requiring companies to contract with the State to make public their gender, race data. and ethnicity of its employees.

The players of the US national team are a clear example since last March 8, International Women's Day, they filed a lawsuit against the National Football Federation for "institutionalized gender discrimination".

The accusations focused not only on salary issues, but also on the places where they played and how often, how they were trained, the medical treatments and the support received, and even the transportation to play the matches.

Since then, the players have become symbols in favor of equal pay, with "equal pay!" as one of the most chanted slogans by his followers.

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