The State keeps almost 40% of the remuneration of each worker in taxes and social contributions

bruno perez
Updated: 05/25/2022 08:42h
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On the path between when the company charges the expense account associated with each worker to its balance sheet and when they receive their monthly liquid salary, about 40% of the initial remuneration remains in taxes and social contributions that will feed the coffers of the administration. Put into hard and fast figures, and according to the data released yesterday by the OECD, for a worker in Spain to reach 21,172 euros in annual remuneration, which according to the international organization constitutes the average net salary of the country, the company has to pay 34,855 euros per year. The 13,683 euros that separate what the company spends from what the worker receives stays in the public coffers in the form of taxes and contributions.

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