The State has been prevaricating for 10 years with the calculation of prison sentences

The State has been prevaricating for 10 years with the calculation of prison sentences

The secretary general of Sortu, Arkaitz Rodriguez, has assured today in San Sebastian that the Spanish State has been "prevaricating" for ten years with the calculation of the sentences of the ETA prisoners, after in 2008 he made "deaf ears" to the directive European Union that "forced" to take into account the sentences imposed on prisoners in other member countries.

Rodriguez has made this reflection at a press conference in which he referred to the ruling of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) of Strasbourg to be made public on October 23 and, as he has announced, is expected to be "favorable "to the interests of the inmates of the terrorist group.

The leader of Sortu, who has appeared accompanied by the José Ramón López de Abetxuko, José Ramón Martínez de la Fuente, Nagore Mujika, José Ramón Lete and Aimar Altuna, has accused the Spanish State of having "cheated" when in 2014 He was forced to transpose the European directive on the accumulation of sentences because, as he said, he did it in a "special" way that prevented the penalties fulfilled in other European countries from being computed.

Rodriguez has opined that for this he was forced to "twist" the law, so "he has been prevaricating for ten years" and handling this situation "in a tortuous way" and "illegally" with "the only objective" of "artificially lengthening" the penalties of the prisoners.

He has revealed, in this regard, that more than fifty inmates have already appealed their cases to request that they be allowed the "accumulation" of sentences, fifteen of which "some time ago", as he said, "should have been released, "and even some, such as Santiago Arrozpide or López de Abetxuko, have already been released after serving their sentence," illegally and unjustly punished with several more years of imprisonment. "

For these reasons, the leader of Sortu has claimed that if finally the ECtHR ruling is favorable to the interests of prisoners, the State will comply "without delay" in all its "extremes" and for "all those affected" .

"That they comply with their own law," Rodríguez insisted before recalling that years ago some voices assured that when ETA disappeared the dispersion of its prisoners "would end in 24 hours", without this premise being fulfilled until now.

He has opined, in this sense, that prisoners should not be approached to prisons like Zuera or Logroño, but that "they would have to be in Euskal Herria because that's what the law says", in the context of a "process" that should lead to the "release" of the group of inmates of the gang, because "there is no normalization or peace with hundreds of prisoners."


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