The State Attorney avoids ruling on the legality of the guarantees to those indicted by the procés

The State Attorney General is not going to rule on the legality of the guarantees provided by the Government to the former leaders and officials indicted in the Court of Accounts for the external expenses of the process to cover the bonds for a value of 5.4 million euros imposed by the supervisory body. It considers that "it is not appropriate" that, within the framework of the advisory function that the legislation attributes to the State Legal Service, it can issue the report, since it has the status of a party in the phase of actions prior to which said report would be incorporated , the Ministry of Justice reported in a press release.

The Government once again rectifies and will cover the guarantees of 5.4 million before the Court of Accounts for the process

The Government once again rectifies and will cover the guarantees of 5.4 million before the Court of Accounts for the process

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It is the response that the body dependent on the department headed by Pilar Llop has given to the supervisory body, which last July asked for a report "as soon as possible" in the face of "doubts about the sufficiency and legality" of the guarantees presented by the Institut Català de Finances (ICF).

According to the General State Attorney, in these preliminary actions "the principles of impartiality and objectivity must be observed, as well as the principles of contradiction and equality between the parties that must necessarily be respected in administrative procedures and actions." According to the organ of the Ministry of Justice, the request for a report to one of the parties on matters that directly affect the interests of the others may suggest the predisposition of the Court to follow the criteria of that party.

In his opinion, the principles of "contradiction and equality" would also be affected, by requiring the report to only one of the parties without hearing from the others. The report indicates, finally, that the prosecution of the acts that are dictated must be carried out in accordance with the Autonomous Decree-law of creation of the Supplementary Risk Fund of the Generalitat de Catalunya, since it is a norm with the force of law that has not been declared unconstitutional nor has it been suspended provisionally in its effectiveness.

Beyond the refusal of the Lawyers to rule on the guarantee of 5.4 million, the Barcelona Prosecutor's Office keeps an investigation open on the guarantee that the Government has provided to the leaders and officials prosecuted for the external expenses of the procés. In addition, as reported by legal sources this Tuesday, the Public Ministry has pending to inform the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) on whether the complaint for the endorsement filed by Vox and the Catalan Civic Coexistence entity against the president of the Generalitat should be admitted. , Pere Aragonès, the Minister for the Economy, Jaume Giró, and the Minister for the Presidency, Laura Vilagrà.


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