The State allocates 63 million to the special employment plan in La Palma to face the eruption of the volcano

The Council of Ministers promotes the Extraordinary Employment and Training Plan to face the volcanic eruption of La Palma and approves the agreement that authorizes the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) to grant a grant of 63 million euros for its development. The objectives of the Plan will be specified through the Canary Islands Employment Service (SCE) with actions that make it possible to reinforce professional guidance in the affected areas for both companies and workers through information, support, guidance and information measures and measures. counseling, including psychological support, as necessary, through a Social and Labor Care unit.

It is also sought support and advise on the reorientation of the most affected business activities, develop actions to maintain the jobs of specific sectors or groups most affected by the emergency situation, develop plans that allow acquiring training and professional experience aimed at the recovery of the affected environments, actions that allow the requalification of the affected people to that they can direct their professional career towards new ones. In addition, the Plan foresees promoting training activities for people under an ERTE or who are within an ERE as a result of the volcanic eruption.

Companies may receive aid for the reconstruction or restoration of their economic activities to reorient or improve their business path or to advance in modernization, digitization, redirection of their activities to the circular economy, ecological transition or other opportunities. The Plan will also make it possible to carry out investments in infrastructure and equipment in the areas affected by the disaster.

The Minister of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Democratic Memory, Felix Bolaños, defended this Tuesday that the Government is working with “all the speed” of which it is “capable” to try to get aid to those affected by the volcano soon. This is how Bolaños expressed himself during the session to control the Government in the Senate, when asked in this regard by the PP senator for this island, Asier Antona, who has asked the Executive for “efficiency and promptness” so that these aid arrive as soon as possible. . Given this, Bolaños defended the rapid action of the Government after the eruption of the volcano almost two months ago, recalling that the Chief Executive, Pedro Sánchez, has already visited the island six times and underlining the aid approved by the Council of Ministers.

However, the popular senator accused Bolaños of not having answered his question and reproached him that he already knows the decrees and Sánchez’s visits to the island. “I am concerned that aid will arrive,” he said. In this context, Bolaños proclaimed that they will continue working to help all the residents of La Palma together with all the administrations “despite questions with such a regrettable tone” such as the one that, in his opinion, Antona formulated.

Bolaños assured during his response to the popular senator that “the Insurance Compensation Consortium (CCS) has paid 33.6 million euros” to those affected by the volcano. In addition, Antona asked “when does the Government of Spain intend to put the aid that has been promised in the hands of those affected on La Palma” and Bolaños specified that the CSS has already compensated “179 families or companies, which have received an average of 188,000 euros ». «The aid is being approved, it is arriving and it is being responded with forcefulness and agility, “added the minister.

Antona replied to Bolaños that “the neighbors are still waiting for their help” and has taken advantage of a message through a private conversation to expose the case of a citizen who “has lost everything” and who according to the senator has only received “400 euros given by the Red Cross “: a situation that, according to the affected person, shares with other” two hundred and some people “, also victims of the eruption.

The Minister of the Presidency has “greatly” regretted the tone of the question For constituting in his opinion “a criticism of all the institutions involved in the reconstruction of the island” and listed measures such as the ERTE “which welcomes 666 workers protected by the Royal Decree Law”, in addition to 22 termination benefits for activity, 73 acquired houses “of which 5 have been delivered” and the future installation of “200 prefabricated houses for which we are preparing the land.”


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