The State agrees with the unions to summon 29,578 places for this year

It represents the largest public employment offer in history, in many cases intended to cover the deficit of Social Security or SEPE

The Government has reached an agreement with the main trade union centers of the state Public Administration (CSIF, CC OO and UGT) to materialize the call for 29,578 civil servant positions through different opposition processes that will take place in the coming months , when the Executive definitively authorizes the Public Employment Offer for 2022.

These almost 30,000 positions will represent the largest offer of positions for civil servants in history, as those corresponding to the State Security Forces and Bodies, the Armed Forces or the Administration of Justice are not included in the figure. Of all of them, 15,888 will be new entry positions (29% more than those called in 2021), among which 1,150 are specifically included for new Social Security services and benefits such as the Minimum Vital Income. Another 9,591 places will be internally promoted (1.8% more); and the other 4,100 will go to complete stabilization processes for interim State personnel.

Most of this job offer will go to the management of public policies, tax, digital transformation and social cohesion, according to the Central Independent Union and Officials (CSIF), the most representative union in the administrations.

After several weeks of negotiation, the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration has increased the number of places in the 2022 OPE from the 22,900 that it had put on the negotiating table, as the last option. The unions resisted signing the agreement, considering the number of positions enabled to be "insufficient" both to cover the destruction of employment that has occurred in the Administration in the last decade - 60,000 - and to face the wave of retirements that will arrive: 60% of civil servants will retire in the next decade.

CSIF has positively assessed the agreement reached, which, according to its criteria, "lays the foundations to face the serious personnel problems of this Administration, in areas such as Social Security or the Public Employment Service". For its part, CC OO has warned that a large part of the negotiation process in the Civil Service is still pending development, and has warned of the difficulties that may arise if the political will that the Government commits in this agreement does not materialize in a development effectiveness of the measures.

In addition, it is planned to streamline the selection processes, reducing the time of publication of calls, the time of incorporation of new troops and the time between exercises and carry out a multi-year planning of the needs of the Administration in order to guarantee its viability at medium term and reduce the personnel deficit.

The agreement reached also includes the review, in the next three months, of the internal promotion processes to simplify and reduce the agendas of the promotion systems in order to achieve a broader coverage of the places called and guarantee the professional career of the personnel at the service of the State Administration. To do this, and according to CSIF, the opposition phase will be simplified by reducing agendas and exercises and the mark of the opposition phase will be reserved for future calls if the process is not passed. As for the competition phase, the selective course will be reinforced as a training phase and evaluation of practical content, directly related to the places.

On the other hand, the trade union organizations continue to demand that the Government not lose their purchasing power as a result of high inflation, while waiting to negotiate the salary increase for the next financial year, which would be reflected in the draft Budget Law. of the State by 2023.

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