Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

The startups promoted by Google captured 546 million euros in Spain

The startups promoted by Google captured 546 million euros in Spain

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The Google for Startups community in Spain It captured 546 million euros in 2018 through different rounds of funding for the 125 projects that passed through its campus in Madrid and that created 900 jobs during the past year.

According to its annual economic report, of the 546 million euros raised in Spain, 78 million were directly related to the support of Google for the development of business projects through the promotion of 'startups'.

Since Google for Startups started its activity in 2015 in Spain, the number of jobs created amounts to 4,185. Only last year, the Google community organized 257 free events, with 25,600 attendees, in addition to 82 events, mentoring and training workshops.

Of all the startups that have achieved capital injection through this program, 20% have been founded by women. In addition, 37.5% of the 'startups' of the last edition of Residency, the accelerator of Google for Startups in Spain, had women among its founders, compared to the national average of 22%.

Specifically, seven startups were part of the Residency program: Barkyn, Clarive, Declarando,, Sepiia, Triporate and Unono, all of them with a technological base in the growth phase, which were offered access to global connections, products and services. Google experts for six months for free.

Around the world, Google for Startups raised 4,500 million euros in the last year, which means doubling the amount received a year ago, together with the creation of 20,400 jobs in projects that had 33% female presence.


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