The startup that tries not to give the disease a second of advantage



Just three years ago, there were still three scientists who met while studying for a doctorate and now they have a company in the top five of the 120 startups evaluated by the Virtual South Summit 2021 jury in the category of ‘Health & Wellbeing‘, were ‘Best Revelation’ in the last South Europe Startup Award (SESA), they have the seal of Excellence for SMEs granted by the European Commission and, most importantly, they develop a technology to detect colon, lung, prostate, breast and pancreatic cancer early, as well as other complex diseases.

The name of the startup, as scientific as its founders, Flomics, comes from joining the words «fluids» and «trasncriptomics», that is, analysis of RNA in fluids to carry out diagnoses, precisely the specialty of this new company founded in November 2018 in Barcelona and continuation of the doctoral thesis that was being carried out at the genomic regulation center now CEO and also founder, João Curado.

First steps

It was precisely while doing his doctorate that Curado saw the possibility of applying his knowledge from a more clinical perspective and together with the other founders, Esther Lizano and Luis Korrodi, founded the revolutionary company with 100,000 euros, after closing a small round of financing among friends, family and acquaintances.

The startup has alliances with both Spanish and European clinical centers and diagnostic laboratories and provides access to its technology to finance its research. Flomics, which was born with the aim of developing and validating a diagnostic method for the five different types of cancer from a single blood sample, at a fixed cost to the patient, was forced to pause due to the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020. However, have managed to outsource another type of service, the analysis of data from patients with Covid-19 through data sequencing to be able to differentiate the type of strain that is affecting the infected. This assistance is aimed at hospitals that do not have bioinformatics experts or the ability to perform the relevant data analysis in order to decipher the information on the type of strain.

good results

Curado assures that the results of his company “are perfect”, and that his technology and algorithms “have been able to detect without fail once whether the test comes from a healthy or sick person.” They are currently looking to significantly increase the number of tests to get even more meaningful data. The ultimate goal is to “license each product to global companies”, who would be the ones who would sell and distribute their work, while Flomics continues to develop its research.

To give that definitive boost to the business and to deepen its research, the company has just opened its first round of “external” financing. with which they hope to obtain half a million euros. It will be a new step to compete in a sector, that of biomedicine, which is experiencing a moment of efferevescence as a result of the health crisis caused by Covid.

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