July 25, 2021

The 'startup' Amadix, winner of the South Summit 2018 | Innovation

The 'startup' Amadix, winner of the South Summit 2018 | Innovation

Amadix has won the prize for the best startup of the thousands that showed up at the event. Specialized in the development of diagnostic tools for precision medicine applied to cancer, the company led by Rocío Arroyo will have the opportunity to fight for a million dollars in the Startup World Cup of Silicon Valley, contest in which the main leaders compete of technology. It will also carry out a collective microfinance campaign guided by Seedrs, an important platform for crowdfunding.

The organization of the South Summit gave other awards. Clicars won the best team award for being able to "turn the complex process of buying a car into something simple". The startup The most disruptive was Valerann, who created the first comprehensive traffic management solution that converts road markings into intelligent wireless devices to monitor road conditions. The most scalable was the Hispanic-Brazilian Sheetgo, developer of an intelligent human resources planning system based on spreadsheets. It also recognized the best business initiative launched by adolescents, EcoOriginal, and the best business idea developed by children, Imancamob.

The organization also presented the first Top Entrepreneur Award to José Lladó, founding president of Técnicas Reunidas, in recognition of his entire professional career. "Visionary, entrepreneur, great businessman, art collector, ambassador of our companies, Lladó is an inspiration for all," said María Benjumea.

During the last three days, La Nave has hosted the 100 best startups of the world, selected from the more than 3,000 that have been submitted to this edition. A virtual reality application to overcome stage fright, a device for the diagnosis of cancer, a wireless system that provides information in real time about what happens on the road or a new transport of goods and passengers that circulates at 1,200 kilometers per hour are just some of the ideas developed by the startups finalists, who were selected by 120 experts from the world of investment. 52% of the startups Those who entered the competition come from all over the world, including countries such as the United States, Israel, the United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Chile, Lebanon, India and Singapore.

Every year, dozens of startups they compete for the first place in the South Summit, which has already become one of the reference events for entrepreneurship. He has already passed names that sound familiar to us. The winner of the previous edition was Wallbox, specialized in charging points for electric cars that won the bronze in Silicon Valley and was among the 28 startups finalists at international level, and the previous one was Spotahome. Both have tripled staff and turnover at this time.

In addition to this success, several startups selected in previous editions such as Cabify, Typeform Glovo and Spotahome have become benchmarks of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and have already managed to raise more than $ 1.7 trillion in financing rounds led by the most leading international investment firms.


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