September 19, 2020

The start of regional and grassroots football in Las Palmas is delayed until October 25 – La Provincia

The start of the leagues regional and grassroots football in Las Palmas it will be delayed for at least two more weeks and is set for the October 25 after the sports commission of the provincial Inter-island Federation so decreed this morning.

The Federation justifies the decision based on ” the current epidemiological situation in the Archipelago, especially in the islands of Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura, with high levels of contagion, in order to guarantee a start to the competition with the best sanitary guarantees “, as they affirm in a statement issued.

The meeting of the sports commission was chaired by José Vega Hernández, president of the Amateur and Youth Soccer Committee, and was attended by José Antonio Perdomo Gil, Francisco Socorro Martín, Francisco Jesús Reyes, as well as Juan Carlos Naranjo and Daniel Pita, Secretary and Deputy Secretary General of FIFLP, respectively.

The proposal for the new start dates, which must be ratified in a new meeting scheduled for next September 22, depending on the evolution of the pandemic, is as follows:


October 25, 2020

Inter-island Amateur Preferred

Female Inter-island Preferred

First Amateur Gran Canaria

Inter-island Youth of Las Palmas

Preferential Youth Gran Canaria

Fuerteventura Youth Preference

November 01, 2020

First Youth of Gran Canaria

Second Youth of Gran Canaria

Inter-island Cadet


November 08, 2020

Lanzarote First Fan

First Amateur Fuerteventura

Lanzarote Youth Preference

Preferential Cadet of Gran Canaria

Preferential Cadet Lanzarote

First Cadet of Gran Canaria

November 15, 2020

First Cadet of Lanzarote

Preferential Child of Gran Canaria

Preferential Infant of Lanzarote

First Infant Gran Canaria

Preferential Alevín F-8 Lanzarote

Preferential Benjamín F-8 Lanzarote

November 22, 2020

Cadet Fuerteventura

Preferential Alevín F-8 from Gran Canaria

First Alevín F-8 of Gran Canaria

First Alevín F-8 of Lanzarote

Preferential Benjamín F-8 from Gran Canaria

First Benjamín F-8 of Gran Canaria

First Benjamín F-8 of Lanzarote

November 29, 2020

Female F-8 Lte-Fue

First Infant Lanzarote

Children Fuerteventura

Alevín Fuerteventura

Benjamin Fuerteventura

Prebenjamin Gran Canaria


October 25, 2020

Territorial Youth Gran Canaria

Preferred Male

Female Preferred

November 22, 2020

First Cadet

Second Cadet




November 29, 2020

Territorial Youth Lte-Fue

Cadet Lanzarote

The Inter-island Football Federation of Las Palmas approved, by agreement of its general assembly of July 27, 2020, the start dates of the competitions for the 2020-21 season, although it empowered the board of directors (which in turn delegated to the sports commission) to proceed with the alteration of them based not only on the evolution of the pandemic, but also on the approval of the sports and health authorities of the corresponding action procedure to prevent the spread of COVID despite the fact that the The Canarian Football Federation itself had already approved a protocol in this regard at its general assembly on July 31.


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