The stars of the NBA sign up for the Olympic Games (if Colangelo allows it)

It was the worst ranking in the history of the World Cups for the United States. A seventh place in China, after losing in the quarterfinals with France in the fight for 5th / 6th place with Serbia

In its squad, cut by last minute casualties and untimely injuries, they were all NBA players, but not big stars, except perhaps a Kemba Walker, new Celtics base, which has shown that it is very good, but not as much as Irving, his predecessor in Boston (and in the selection).

Lebron James, authorized voice, declared that more than demerit of the American team, the result in the World Cup, had been worthwhile from the rest of the world that had approached the NBA level. But the same Lakers player sand has left want for the selectors In this preseason and other franchise players have also taken a step forward.

The MVP of the season twice, Stephen Curry, the brand new signing of the Lakers, Anthony Davis and the star of the Blazers, Damian Lillard They already announced to the selectors that they want to be part of the Olympic team and today the two stars of the Los Angeles Clippers, the current MVP of the finals, Kawhi Leonard and the All Star Paul GeorgeThey have also declared their interest in going to Tokyo.

This potential Dream team would have, on paper, few problems to get up with gold, however the words of Jerry Colangelo, The director of USA Basketball, at the end of the championship still resonate:

“I will not forget who was deleted from the World Cup. I just say you can't help remembering who you thought you were going to war with and who stayed at home. "

The stars have spoken, but Colangelo has the last word, and in China he was very angry.

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