Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

The Star Wars galaxy can be visited at Disneyland from May 31

The Star Wars galaxy can be visited at Disneyland from May 31

Star Wars fans can step on the galactic universe from next May 31, date in which "Galaxy's Edge", the largest themed area ever created in a Disney park, will open its doors at Disneyland Resort (California, USA). UU.).

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In a panel presented by the actor Josh Gad during the "Star Wars Celebration" convention in Chicago, several Disney creatives shared today the details of this new space of almost 60,000 square meters, which will also have a replica in the Disney World park ( Orlando, Florida) as of August 29.

From the Millennium Falcon to the battles between the First Order and the Resistance, the galactic world will come alive in a physical space for which Coca-Cola has inaugurated even a new "galactic" design of its soft drinks that will be available exclusively in "Galaxy's Edge" "

"How does Star Wars feel? How is its texture? How does it taste and smell?" Are the questions that Disney's creative chief executive Chris Beatty has formulated during the presentation of "Galaxy's Edge."

According to Beatty, to design this ambitious thematic area, its creators have had to think, as well as in sight and sound, in the touch and smell of the Star Wars universe.

For example, the famous "Oga's Cantina" of the planet Batuu will be a central element in the immersion into the Star Wars universe that visitors of this thematic area will experience.

In addition to the blue and green milks that debuted in the previous installments of the series, visitors can try a menu inspired by the flavors of Star Wars and accompany it with an exclusive edition of Coca-Cola soft drinks, whose logo and format "Galactic "They were unveiled today and attracted the attention of fans and collectors.

For the canteen, Disney creatives announced, will also step on the mythical characters of Star Wars, thanks to the animatronic technology.

One of the main attractions of this thematic area will be "Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run", in which visitors will enter the interior of the Millennium Falcon to fly the famous ship of Han Solo, which has been built for the first time on a real scale.

"Not only are we going to give you the chance to fly in the Falcon, we're going to give you the opportunity to be part of the crew and direct it," explained Disney's executive creator, Scott Trowbridge.

In "Rise of the Resistance", one of the "most complex attractions ever built" according to Trowbridge, visitors will be able to participate in the battle between the Resistance and the First Order.

All the experience, enjoyable from this spring, will be accompanied by a mobile application that will include news and surprises through augmented reality technology.


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