The Star sets the pace – The Province

The Star sets the pace - The Province

The Star Mark the road The team of Sardina del Sur takes home the first title of the season in the First Category in Gran Canaria. Those of Francisco Bethencourt prevailed in the end of the Tournament Dielca de Lucha Corrida to Unión Gáldar CCO 7 Palmas for 16-18 to place in their showcases the title of champion. Everything with Álvaro Déniz 'Pollo de Moya III' -puntal A- giving the definitive point to his team when knocking down the palmero Fafi Martín -puntal B-, who was premiered in a fight for the title with his new club.

In an even match, Álvaro Déniz demonstrated his status as striker A. Moya did not fail when he had to appear to decide the fight for his team. He knocked out Fafi Martín without too many problems, but before that he had already put three more points for his team when he finished with Carlos Santana, hero in the semifinals for Unión Gáldar, Airán Gordillo and Moisés Pérez. A sample of the security and control that the 'Pollo de Moya III' had when he had to go out to the chair to solve the final for his family. An exhibition of power that ventures a good year for the Star, compact from its first chairs.

He started well with the initial 0-3 set of Sardina del Sur, which was answered by Juan Martel moving the chairs to match the result. With Airán Gordillo, outstanding C, and the youthful Luis González on stage, Union Gáldar recovered the score (4-3). The Northwest team continued ahead thanks to the contribution of Alejandro Mendoza (9-4). Fracisco Bethencourt had to go to one of his big men: Carmelo Rodríguez del Toro, outstanding A of those of Sardina del Sur, to recover the pulse of the Municipal Terrero de Vecindario. All backed by a notable Kevin Gonzalez (9-7).

The level of the night went up Kevin González and Carmelo Rodríguez del Toro who stayed firm giving points to the Star (9-9). So much that he managed to turn the score when Carmelo Rodríguez del Toro knocked down Yerco Bolaños (9-10). The Estrella continued with a strong step at the moment in which the captain, Juan Alberto Pérez, hit Francisco Ojeda 'Kiki' (10-11) on the ground.

Equality marked the night. Neither team managed to take off on the scoreboard. Every second, every hand, every step in the arena felt vital if Estrella or Unión Gáldar wanted to take the first title of the season to their showcases. Sergio Santana and Juan Alberto Pérez were eliminated for reprimands – in a very protested decision on the part of the galdense band. The night got warmer when Felix Travieso sent Francis Aisa 'Pirañita' to change his pants after taking the vitola.

The 14-12 appeared on the scoreboard with 'Pirañita' – eliminated by reprimands against Rodríguez del Toro later – and Carlos Santana putting Gáldar again ahead. Bethencourt took Álvaro Déniz 'Chicken Moya III' to the chair and the strut of the Estrella did not fail. He began to score points (14-14,15-16 and 15-17).

The Star had the fight in his hand and did not miss. Ismael Déniz 'Chicken of Moya IV' served as a perfect gregarious to crush Martin. With the wear, Álvaro Déniz sent to the arena without difficulty to Fafi Martín and placed the 16-18 to give the glory to the Star, in this innovative tournament played in full in the Terrero de Vecindario. An event that left the Agüimes Union ranked third, winning Almogarén 18-17 with Ricardo Rodríguez 'Medianito IV' stellar.


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