April 10, 2021

The Star puts on the crown – The Province

The Star puts on the crown - The Province

The Cup has the name of Star. I had been wanting to fight for a final, away from the league for reasons beyond their powers, in the middle of the 'Medianito case'. He waited, arrived and won. The group from Sardina del Sur found the second title of their season to compete against the First Category triplet in Gran Canaria – the one from Lucha Corrida had already won. He did it before Union Gáldar CCO 7 Palmas, whom he knocked down 12-11. Álvaro Déniz, striker 'A' of the Star, put the final point against Carlos Santana, outstanding 'C' of the galdenses, to give the whole of Santa Lucía de Tirajana a title. The other striker of the night, Fafi Martín had been eliminated by reprimands – very protested by the Gáldar – in his first seizure with Álvaro Déniz.

The image of the Municipal Terrero de Vecindario was vintage, with almost no cement in sight. The appearance of the grandstand presaged something great on the sand of the Southeast. And it is that at stake was the Foundation Foundation Obra Social La Caja de Canarias of First Category. Something that was also palpable from the first movements in the chairs: no team wanted to leave points along the way.

With this scenario, the score went up little by little, without breaks, with Saúl Jiménez and Juan Alberto Guedes 'Tonono' growing (3-1, after the Estrella captain finished his counterpart in the Unión Gáldar, Fran Moreno). Juan Martel resorted to his string of outstanding C to try that those of Sardina del Sur did not escape. It was worth that to the Union Gáldar to change the order of the scoreboard (3-5, after Francisco Aisa 'Piraña' and Francisco Ojeda 'Kiki' came on stage).

Francisco Bethencourt 'El Palmero' did the same. Manuel Angel Rodriguez del Toro, who fell in the first with Francisco Aisa 'Piranha, struggled, but in the second, loaded with warnings, the distinguished galdense gave (4-5, in an hour of struggle). Everything as a preamble to one of the clings of the night with Kiki and Pedro Santana, who were fighting to fight, playing a vital point for their team. The Neighborhood Terrero became ill with the exaltation of the Canarian wrestling They offered both, with their chins brushing the sand: both came out between applause and the point, for Gáldar (4-6).

The score continued to grow for Gáldar (4-7 and 5-8, after Carmelo Rodríguez del Toro and Jaime Rivero were eliminated). But it was not all said at all. He put the Star in the 6-8 on the scoreboard (with Sergio Santana eliminated by cautions against Manuel Angel Rodriguez del Toro in the third seizure). And there, 'El Palmero' gave himself to Álvaro Déniz 'Pollo de Moya III', his great strut.

Airán Gordillo was in charge of finishing with Hernesto López (7-9, after going fight to fight). And in those the duel of the night: Fafi Martín and Álvaro Déniz. In that duel there was half a title. The fight had gone out to ask the Union Gáldar mouth, but got stuck caught between struts. The reprimands appeared in the first and there, with an incorrect arm position very questioned by the side of Gáldar, Fafi Martín went to the locker room.

From there to the end, the Galdar Union, furious, was lost in its protests. Neither Moisés Pérez nor Carlos Santana -honor for him, who took the fight to 11-11 when knocking down Manuel Ángel- nor Airán Gordillo could reverse a final that in a few seconds was set against the Gáldar and that channeled the Estrella to lift with tenacity his second title this season in the club showcase.


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