May 12, 2021

The stain if you pee and other myths that you should know about swimming pools – La Provincia

When the heat turns on and the cities become a pressure cooker, the municipal swimming pools they become the oases where to face the high temperatures and sweat. An ideal place to cool off which, in addition, gives a touch of leisure to the day, especially for the little ones.

But nevertheless, the pools are not only seen as a place to stick a bath; some myths talk about colored spots in the water, hairs and nails that change color, radioactive chlorine… Surely many of these urban legends have you ever heard them, but what is true or false?

Wait 1 hour to digestion before bathing. TRUE

When we do digestion, our body sends more blood to the stomach to facilitate the process, so you have to be careful when you get into the cold water. It should be done little by little since, otherwise, the person may feel dizzy or nauseous, which is known as a digestion cut.

If you pee in the water a green or blue spot appears. FALSE


It is a deterrent tactic so that people do not urinate in the water, but it is not true. If there were a chemist who reacted with urine, it would be difficult for him not to react to other substances such as sweat, cosmetics … And it would be impossible, too, for the water to be transparent.

However, this widespread urban legend has helped many people fear the terrible stain and don't pee in the pool, something that negatively conditions water health.

In a study published in Environmental Science & Technology elaborated between Chinese and American scientists it is concluded that the mixture of urine and chlorine form a dangerous combination for our health. The pee in the pool generates a chemical reaction that causes a gas that, when inhaled, can cause damage to the body, such as respiratory problems or skin reactions.

Chlorine irritates the eyes if we open them underwater. FALSE

What causes eye irritation is not chlorine but an imbalance in pH levels. If the pool water is between levels 7.2 – 7.6, there are no problems.


Chlorine causes the hair to turn green. FALSE

Traditionally green hair has been associated with the presence of chlorine in the pool. But, this capillary reaction may be due to the presence of copper particles in the water that come from the pipes. The solution? Use neutral shampoos and a little vinegar to finish the green color of our hair.

When there is too much chlorine in the pool you can smell it. FALSE

Pool chlorine reacts with the presence of bacteria, creating chlorine amines, which end up becoming oxygen and escape into the air, which is when it can be smelled. But really, when we notice the smell in the air, means that it is not in the water, so that it would take more chlorine to do his job in the pool.

Pool sinks can suck. TRUE


When the sinks do not have the lid properly attached they can act like a suction cup. However, although there have been particular cases of damage from playing near the treatment plant, the safety conditions have been extreme and are usually well protected with grilles that prevent any accident.

Crystal clear water indicates that it is clean and healthy: FALSE

It is necessary to check the water every week to make sure that nor there are above normal levels of microorganisms, since although chlorine eliminates most bacteria, it does not kill them all.

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