August 1, 2021

The staff of the Dpor will not submit to the PCRs on Monday despite the request of LaLiga – La Provincia

He Sports replied Sunday night to LaLiga’s request for the blue and white squad to submit this Monday at 09.00 in Abegondo to the PCR tests, according to the protocol for two days before each match. The football players will not pass such testss, since, as the club replied to the LaLiga inspector, “the request made from LaLiga nor conforms to the Covid-19 protocol of LaLiga or the situation of the competition of the Second Divisionn, which is paralyzed. “

After receiving some “amazing emails “ From the LaLiga inspector, Deportivo answered him by reminding him of the paragraph in the resolution of the Competition Committee last Friday in which denied the request of Fuenlabrada and LaLiga that the match postponed on July 20 in Riazor be played this Sunday August 2nd. “In view of the writings received from all of them, this Competition Committee considers that, so far, The aforementioned conditions have not been sufficiently proven. In this sense, it should be underlined that the decision on the new party date that this Committee may adopt, as the case may be, depends on the prior communication by the Monitoring Commission for Covid-19 of which the RFEF and LaLiga are part. , in the presence of the Higher Sports Council, on the effective fulfillment of those conditions in relation to each of the participants in the meeting, once collected, where appropriate, the opinion of the competent health authorities. “

Deportivo informs LaLiga that it is still pending “that the Monitoring Commission for the Covid-19 (made up of LaLiga and RFEF), plus the Higher Sports Council and, where appropriate, after hearing the health authorities, pronounce themselves. “In view of all the circumstances exposed, and given that the Second Division competition is currently paralyzed, I am grateful for the reconsideration of the fixing of the evidence. Covid for this club, considering the authority, competence and functions that correspond to LaLiga and the way and context in which they must be exercised before an associated club such as the Real Club Deportivo de La Coruña, SAD, “adds Dépor in his response to the LaLiga inspector.

LaLiga request

Deportivo received this Sunday a communication from LaLiga in which the employers requested that the Blue and Whites squad undergo the PCR tests this Monday, a practice set out in the protocol for two days before competing. The call was for 09.00 in Abegondo and was studied by the club’s legal department to respond to LaLiga.

In this way, LaLiga was pressing with the view that the Dépor-Fuenlabrada, postponed on July 20, could be played on Wednesday of next week. That option was practically impossible considering that this meeting has been underway and since last Friday Deportivo has ten days to appeal to the Appeal the decision of the RFEF Competition Committee to dismiss the precautionary measure proposed by the investigating judge of the file opened to Fuenlabrada, Ricardo Esteban Díaz Sánchez, to give up the match to the Madrid team.


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