The squid game comes true in Vigo

The most relevant change: bullets are replaced by paintballs – to protect themselves, attendees will wear a vest, gloves and a mask –. There will be posters related to the series, music inspired by the soundtrack, people in charge of controlling the participants who will wear the characteristic cover and mask -the number will be determined based on the people who join this experience-, a leader who He will also wear the clothes that are shown in the Netflix production and even a VIP room, in which there will be about four or five people – invited by the organization – with masks and where they will be served food and drink. And, of course, awards: 1,000 euros for the winner and 2,000 euros for the finalists in group passes to enjoy the Humor Amarillo offer –Bubble soccer, paintball or ‘escape’.

The Sánchez Terrón brothers, on the bridge. Pablo Hernandez

“We give the participants a numbered shirt like the one worn by the actors in the series; they will have to wear sportswear: if it is green, the better. It is a one-off event to be held in a space of 20,000 square meters. The minimum age to attend is 16 years old. They are 22 euros per person. We have opened today [por ayer] reservations and there are already 18 people signed up. Our idea is that about 500 come to attend, ”Sánchez and Terrón specified yesterday morning in Faro de Vigo, the newspaper of the group to which this newspaper belongs, before indicating that the contestants will have a limited time to pass the tests and will not be able to dress as the controllers or as the leader or the VIPs.

“Each person can sign up as many times as they want before the final. As a souvenir, you can take photos of the experience “


On October 29, 30 and 31, there will be rounds of 20 people: They will not stop playing once they are eliminated from the game or lose, they will complete all the games and they will add points. The winners will be those with the most points, who will go on to the final: it will be held on November 1. In the final, there are eliminations with the aim that only one participant remains. “Each person can sign up as many times as they want before the final. As a souvenir, photos of the experience may be taken “, detailed the promoters of this idea. For them, the suspension bridge test is the most complicated: “The feet barely enter.”

The lightbulb of these two from Vigo was turned on about two weeks ago, when they got hooked on the Netflix series. “Seeing the pull it had, we thought it was easy to adapt it, since we already had many of the elements: the sandbox for the game of marbles, the rope, the suspension bridge…. We like to do different events. We watched the series and got the most important points; for the details, we went back to see some parts “, they specified, while advancing that the idea is to celebrate this experience only once:” If the success is overwhelming, we will value repeating, but it is not our intention. We don’t want to get bored with the same thing. ”

One last request launched by Sánchez and Terrón: “In order not to congest the parking and the access routes, we ask that, once the game is over, the participants leave the venue to make room for those who come to participate in the following hours. They can stay on the track that is above the enclosure and watch people play from the “lecer area” of Mount Cepudo. To reserve, those interested can access, where they offer the option of speaking by WhatsApp with the organizers and a form, or on the phone 695 19 13 78.

The Sánchez Terrón brothers with the rope to be used. Pablo Hernandez

Success around the world

The plot of The Squid Game It starts with the protagonist Seong Gi-hun, a man in debt who contacts the organizer of a competition that could be the solution to all his problems. There, you will find 455 people of different social class, all with the same red numbers, willing to fight life or death for a millionaire prize.

The success of the series surprised Netflix, which only promoted its release in South Korea. The platform’s algorithm, which detects the most successful content in one region and empowers it in others, brought this fiction to number one in more than 90 countries.


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