‘The Squid Game’ and ‘The Paper House’, the most viewed series in Netflix history

The Squid Game‘,’The Money Heist‘and’ Stranger Things’ are the most watched series in the history of Netflix, and ‘El hoyo’ and ‘Bajocero’ sneak into the list of most popular movies, according to data from a new platform website that offers weekly data on viewing hours.

On the occasion of the launch this Tuesday of the website -available for now in English and Spanish but with an expansion of languages ​​planned for 2022-, Netflix has prepared the first lists with global data.

According to these lists, the South Korean ‘The Squid Game’ accumulated 1,600 million hours seen in its first 28 days of exhibition (which is the period that the platform uses to generate the figures), which makes it the most popular series in the history of Netflix.

For seasons, the second would be ‘The Bridgertons’ (which tops the list of series in English), with 625 million hours seen in its first month of exhibition.

But if the views of the different installments are added, the Spanish ‘La casa de papel’ reaches 1,440 million hours viewed (619 million for the fourth part, 426 for the third and 395 for the fifth).

‘Stranger Things’ reaches 1,009 million hours seen in its second and third seasons; ‘For thirteen reasons’, 972, and ‘You’, 925 million, also for its deliveries 2 and 3.

Next is another Spanish production, ‘Elite’, which has 532 million hours watched (275 in season 3 and 257 in season 2) and the French ‘Lupine’ follows a short distance with 531 million in her two seasons.

As for cinema, in the list of non-English-speaking productions, there are two Spanish quotes: ‘The hole’ (2019), an international phenomenon directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia, with 108 million hours, and ‘Bajocero’ (2021), with Javier Gutiérrez and Karra Elejalde, who accumulated 78 million hours viewed.

Only surpassed by the German film ‘Blood Red Sky’ (2021), which recorded 111 million hours viewed.

The list of most viewed productions in English is headed by ‘A ciegas’ (2018), starring Sandra Bullock, which recorded 282 million hours viewed in those first 28 days that Netflix counts.

They follow him ‘Rescue Mission’ (2020), with Chris Hemsworth, which reached 231 million hours viewed, and ‘The Irishman’ (2019), the Martin Scorsese film with Robert de Niro and Al Pacino that went through theaters before launching on the platform, where it earned 215 million hours seen.

In English

The website Top10.Netflix.com will offer every Tuesday -with data from Monday to Sunday of the previous week- four lists of its most viewed proposals: Movies in English; Non-English speaking films; Series in English and Series in non-English language.

In the first listings of this Tuesday, the most watched productions are ‘Red notice’ as a film in English (148.7 million hours seen last week), and the Italian “Yara” as a non-English-speaking film (17.95 million).

The third season of ‘Narcos México’ is the most watched of the series in English (50.29 million), and ‘Squid Games’ remains unbeatable as a series not in English (42.79), in a list in which the Spanish ‘Where is Marta?’ Appears in sixth position, on the murder of Marta del Castillo (8.64 million hours viewed).

The new data replaces what Netflix had so far from millions of viewers and which were quite controversial, since it was enough for a subscriber to watch a specific content for two minutes to be counted as a viewer.

Now the platform sum the hours of viewing of each of your products And with that, it will make the weekly lists of the most popular movies and series.

“After examining different options”, the platform, present in 190 countries, has decided that measuring viewing hours “is a clear indicator of both the popularity of a title and the general satisfaction of subscribers”, as explained in his blog .

Along with these four weekly listings, more specialized lists dedicated to documentaries or reality shows will also be published without a fixed frequency. And in addition the relations of ‘The 10 most popular’ of each country are maintained.


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